01 January 2007

you're so cheesy, i can't be around you without crackers.

new year. new day. i saw the sunrise today, it was beautiful. i haven't seen the sunrise for months, at least not after sleeping. i considered going back to bed and i even went so far as moving stuff off the bed and climbing in and then i realized if i was going to get anything at all done today going back to bed was not a smart idea. so i left dsm at 0615 and headed for the charming dutch village. i have things to do today. i think i'm going to head to the garage and get a head start on the puter projects i've signed up for. and then i may head to gram's if she'll have me, i'm not sure.

last night i learned how the non-rev pros always make their flights. tsk tsk. (this is me, shaking my head.)

jorge busted (is busted the proper verb there? is bursted more appropriate? broke? split? i don't like any of those as much but they don't sound as blue collar comedy tour as busted.) his chin open last night and had to get stitches this morning. ick. emergency room at 400 on new years morning. that's a humbling trip, i'd imagine. he's such a maroon.

okay. almost 0800. things to do. i'm busy. too busy for this, too busy for you.

peas out.
love, superfreakinawesomejanel

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