27 January 2007

i can't think of a thing to say

it's because i haven't done a single thing today. i didn't get out bed until noon. i read books. i watched movies - i'm still watching movies. i ordered a pizza. and i'm currently sitting on the sofa, where i've been for at least four hours now, and i am enjoying every second of it. tomorrow, though, i have things to do.

janel's list of things to do on sunday, sunday, sunday...
  1. call my best gram
  2. wash my car
  3. go to lowes and buy a showerhead and light bulbs
  4. go to best buy :)
  5. scrub the kitchen floor
i put myself on the waiting list for cubs season tickets today. my current position is 32,251. i figure by the time i'm about 75, blind, deaf and fully unable to enjoy baseball in any shape or form, i'll make the top of the list and get my season tickets. yes. :)

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