28 January 2007

i'm okay with being unimpressive.

i was up most of the night last night reading last night. mom gave me a book, 'the tenth circle', and it's incredibly involving. i think it was about 0400 when i finally put it down. i'm about 2/3 of the way through it and i want to be reading it now but i've promised myself that any reading that i do now will be of the homework variety and there will be no other reading until my homework reading is done. my textbooks are about as dry and uninteresting as my classes; this has to get better - it's going to get better, right? this monday night class, especially this monday night class is going to kill me, of nothing else but sheer malaise. thinking about it this very second makes me yawn uncontrollably. i also have to go to the bathroom, but i don't think that's connected to thinking about monday night class. hmmm...

so today i accomplished things. i rose before noon (thank you kitties) and left the house before noon and spent dollars before noon. i went to lowe's and bought a showerhead, and i'll be damned if that's not the easiest fucking thing to install. the new one is wonderfuckingful. the old one was nice... at first. it was sort of a sharp sprayer - one of those ones that loofahs off all your dead skin. and then on day two, when you don't have any skin left, it starts to sort of hurt. so i wasn't going to take it anymore. so i went lowe's and bought a new one. and brought it home and took a shower in the rain, because that's why i bought it, apparently it feels similar to showering in the rain. except i'm not outside and it's not really rain and i wouldn't really know what that feels like anyway. :)

i also went to best buy (hehehe...) and borders and target. it's dangerous to live in a city where such things are just available. because when you live an hour away, you plan a trip and decide if the things you think you need are really things you need. chances are, they're not, and you don't make the trip to the big city and you save yourself the gas and time and energy. now it's like, ooh, starbucks might still be open. and 100$ later i have a grande iced caramel macchiato and 94$ in dvds that i really like but didn't necessarily need.

i'm going to need a job.

clean up in aisle five. LOL. mason just barfed on the grand massa champ's bed. i cleaned it up, because it's my cat and i'm responsible for him. but if the grand massa champ tosses cookies too, i'm not in charge of clean up for that one. he's on his own. :) he shouldn't complain too much; it was solid at least and not that runny green shit he has been barfing. somebody brought houseplants into the house even though i strongly advised that anything leafy, green, and not kept in the crisper drawer of the fridge is just considered kitty salad no matter what height at which it is kept. so of course, kitties have been munching away and i've been cleaning up nasty green puke all week. neat-o-fun.

today i had a peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwich on toast. yummy. i really should just spread peanut butter and mayo on my ass and wait for it to dry but i prefer to take the indirect route with my fats. i was reading that elvis used to eat fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches. yum...

so for now, i'm signing off. i'm accumulating a list of things to do in the morning, such as wash someone else's bed sheets. fucking cat.

peas out.

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simonsays said...

Are you reading the "comic" parts of the book? Do you know what the hidden message is? If so, tell me. Let me know.