31 August 2010

Schedules are for wimps

My day, for the last 19 or so days, begins early. So early that it's practically still the day before. I mean, it's definitely dark and most normal people are sleeping. But Baby Z. has zero concept of time and therefore when he's hungry, wet or bored, he wants attention and he wants it now. Combine that with a Big Man B. who believes the world revolves around him (and only because we've led him to believe that that is actually the case) and it makes for one tired momma.

I keep looking for the routine in our day to day lives and so far I'm not finding it. If not having a routine can actually be our routine then we are succeeding on a daily basis but that's really not the scenario I'm looking for. I'd like to sit down with both babies and have a discussion about expectations and responsibilties but I don't think they're ready to commit to chores/self-bathing/conforming to normal business hours just yet. Crap, I'd buy them a freaking pony if I could get them to conform to regular daylight hours, but I don't think that at the ages of 16 months and 22 days that I'm going to get anywhere with that idea.


So for the time being, our non-routine will continue to be our routine and I'll keep working on becoming one of those people that doesn't have to have control/a clean house/a daily shower/matching socks.

22 August 2010

Life is good

I'm currently lying next to the cuddliest, snuggliest, most perfect little man in the world.

Zachary Michael arrived 13 days ago and already I can't imagine life without him.

I think I've taken about 100 pictures of this sweet little man sleeping.


Not only because that's all he does at this point...

... but also because he's so stinking cute when he does it!

I love my boys. Life is good AMAZING.