10 September 2008

buy them books, they eat the covers. and the pages.

no toy, no matter how precious, is exempt from the wrath of the puddies. for example, this last weekend at the dog show (clap clap, clap clap clap-ap-ap-ap-ap-ap-ap DOG SHOW!) we purchased a new puppy toy. a couple of them actually, but one was immediately taken to as a puddie "favorite." his name was long squawk silver and he was a pirate rubber chicken with an awful, moaning squeaker. and the puddies LOVED long squawk silver, so much that they ripped the squeaker out of him yesterday, which made me happy because everytime they'd step on it i'd just about have a heart attack, that's how much it sounded like someone dying in my living room.

but today, long squawk silver met his demise. i'm not sure of the exact time of death but i can tell you it was quick and painless.

poor long squawk. he will be missed.

my puddies are not murderers, they are just misunderstood. yes, that is the rubber chicken's HEAD.

speaking of puddies, here are some recent mugs:

kingsley, my baby :)

buddha, the barking wonder-dog

don't be fooled. they're both going through the terrible twos. i say "lay down" they just stand there and bark. they co-conspire in making awful messes, destroying furniture and eating us out of house and home and pretty much the neighbor's house too.

for real.

and for those of you that don't believe that the janel can camp (because it *is* hard to believe, i know), here is photogenic proof:

the janel knows how to rock a tent, biznatches.

and speaking of mug shots, here's the bee rocking his (prisoner) polo shirt:

just released on parole.

this is one that i do think is cute:

the bee and his nephew kooper. cute!

and this one's just for fun, because my legs look nineteen feet long here...

one day, i'm going to be six feet tall like cindy crawford.
that's about all i have for today. i'm tired and it sounds like the dogs are eating the laundry basket. peas out.

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