13 January 2007

i'm coming over there with a weed eater and some cool whip

ugh. i can't wait for the day when i can buy milk again. because i'm getting really freakin sick of poptarts. and it's not like i don't currently have a refrigerator or anything, it's just that i can't commit to drinking an entire gallon of milk right now. i can't commit to anything right now. like moving - am i moving on monday or wednesday? how about tuesday? and why is it when i google my new address nothing comes up?? i can't move, i don't know where i live. i don't know how to get there. that's sort of an issue. i don't really even remember what this house looks like, except that it has a garage (yay!) and it looks as though an armadillo exploded in the winter closet. but since i can't see that from the outside of the house it won't help me find it initially. hmmm...

all i want is some cocoa puffs! arrghh!

so what else is new? my toe still really hurts. i've bored everyone i know with my toe saga. i can't find anyone else that wants to talk about it. i'd post a picture of it but i can't find my camera. i don't know if i've packed it or lost it or what and for some reason my cell phone will take pictures but it won't send them anywhere. i don't know what's up with that.

and speaking of cell phones, i went over on my cell phone minutes last month. for the second month in a row. i have a gazillion minutes and i used a gazillion and 12 minutes last month. who am i talking to? and what am i talking about? what's so freaking important? and why aren't these people calling me so we can use their minutes? i'm going to get one of those minute managers like on tv, with the bullhorn, you know? or the guy who makes the christmas calls, 'happy holidays from the harrisons' CLICK. that cracked me up.

oh, it's sleeting in dfw and in stl. it's a wonderful day to not be at the airport. :D it's sleeting here too, but i have all-wheel drive which does not allow me to drive 90 miles an hour but does allow me to drive by all those idiots stuck in the ditch. hehehehe... i heart uugof. he's the shiznit. he's a little dirty at the moment but it's too icky to wash him. i'm sad to be leaving my alltime favorite car wash in pleasant hill, it even washes my wheels and uses soap that's three different colors and smells like bubble gum and tang, it's like aromatherapy for your car. i leave there and i just feel wonderful, which is good because when i drive in i feel like holy hell because i just spent 10$ on a fucking car wash and i'm a tad bit suicidal.

tonight is dindin with the fam and the gran massa champ. i'm just going to sit back and drink and see what happens. i figure the best way for this to play out is the darwin's theory of natural selection: the strongest will survive. at least mom already knows about my tattoos so he won't be privvy to that argument. hehehe... mom, i'm just kidding. i will participate in conversation and i'm not at all embarassed to introduce my friends to you. you're just as weird as i am. i know where it came from. :D

okay. i'm being pressured to work now. i don't know what that's all about. just because i sit at this desk doesn't mean that i know what i'm doing. gosh.

peas out.

love, superfreakinlovelyjanel

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