14 January 2007

they're creepy and they're kooky...

ahhh, dinner with the fam. always a good time. nothing like putting a new friend on display. no, really it wasn't bad. and i don't think the gran massa champ was all that uncomfortable. he found out the lunacy is definitely hereditary and it's not completely my fault. yay me. and just for the record, i drank raspberry iced tea and actively participated in the conversation, which never turned to the janel's body art. rock on.

so. fuck mother nature. she's a fucking cow. i was all prepared, as prepared as i ever am, to move tomorrow and now it's snowing and sleeting and crap and now i don't know when i'm moving. this sucks. but i do love the weather channel. i wish life could be as dependable as the weather channel and my weather on the 8s. but seriously, weather watches, advisories and warnings, i just love it. i think i missed my calling. i love maps with all those little colored boxes on them, it just makes me happy. i want to say words like 'thundersleet' - doesn't that just rock? and all morning, or at least the last 20 minutes that i've been awake, they've been talking about iowa and our ice and our terrible weather and i'm just all captivated because it's weather, you know? i'm such a retard. i just wish jim cantore was covering this local winter weather disaster, i'd drive to wherever he was just to say hello and bat my eyelashes, he's the coolest.

so today, in spite of the weather and the fact that only one of my windshield wipers is currently working, i'm going to haul shit to my cute little red door storage unit because the more that i put in storage the less i have to carry hours away to my new home that i cannot find.

more to come later. i'm busy.

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