25 January 2007

when the moon is in the seventh house...

do you believe in astrology? my horoscope (i can type it, just not say it) has been eerily dead on lately. i'm generally not a huge believer in this stuff, but sometimes it just can't be ignored. like this is what it says for today:

who of us wouldn't love to feel in complete control of our lives? the reality
is, few of us ever feel this way. you did make a conscious decision to take
a certain path. are you pleased with where it is leading you? while it would
be great to be able to point to successes in life and clearly see the decisions
that caused them, life is not always so clear-cut. for the moment you will have
to trust in your subconscious...
yikes. how do they know? easy. horoscopes are obviously written by furbies, the omniscient little creatures of the late 90s. doesn't he look as though he knows my astrological future? we're looking at the grand wizard of all furbies. he's just a token representative; he may or may not actually write the daily horoscopes and he prolly doesn't answer the furby psychic hotline. he's just the president, not a client... :D for february, the furbies are predicting that i'm going to get robbed on the 15th by a sticky fingered family member and i'm supposed to battan down the hatches and hang on to my important stuff. i don't know what that means. is that literal or figurative? i guess if i wake up on 16feb and my shit's gone i'll know i should have listened to the furby. they know.

yesterday was laundry day. we went to the laundromat. it was not that exciting. but now i have clean clothes and i can start my 10-tshirt rotation over again. i was beginning to feel lost without my weezer shirts. i'd never been to a laundromat before; it wasn't as scary as i'd imagined. in fact, i was able to leave my clothes unattended and do other things. yay me. perhaps i'm not as ocd as i thought i was. hehehe...

i am so bored. i want to take a nap. peas out for now, lovelies.

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Where are you today? XO