06 July 2012

All I could say was "Hello"


Is anyone out there?

Just in case anyone stops by, I'm still alive. Apparently, I'm a year older, but I'm still here. (A year?! For reals?! That's cray.)

I called my mom and apologized today. I finally realized what a pain in the ass it is to have sick and DRAMATIC kids. Like having sick kids isn't bad enough, but sick and DRAMATIC kids is enough to make me start kicking puppies.

And I like puppies.

I woke up this morning when Nick was getting ready to go. Before we even said our good mornings, I told him that if he ever left me to go live with Ryan Dungey and his girlfriend because "it's better for the boys" I was going to kick his ass; that was the dream I was having when I woke. He just laughed and said we must be a couple of Supercross freaks because he was just dreaming about having a picnic with Chad Reed. (That should have been my dream, ahem.)

Does anyone even blog anymore? All my favorite blogs have either stopped writing or have gotten published. I've thought about writing before today, and then I get freaked out at the idea of being one of those mommy bloggers that's perpetually on a diet and creating home school worksheets and making homemade laundry soap. I think that leads to excessive couponing and then too many over-processed wannabe professional photographer closeup pictures of my kids doing mundane everyday things.

Oh wait... Well, I'm not creating home school worksheets. Because if I decide to home school these hooligans, I want someone to come and kick me in the shins.Hard. Repeatedly. Because I don't possibly see how that could be a good idea for anyone.

Anyway. Then I remembered that it's my blog and you don't have to read if I bore you. So there. I might just start being a couponing, laundry soap making, dieting, wannabe-photographer mommy blogger and there's nothing you can do about it.