31 December 2006

this post is brought to you by danny glover. he's too old for this shit.

i had the most interesting conversation with my mom yesterday. i'm still not quite sure what to make of it. she thinks i'm suffering, or soon will be suffering, grace sydrome, as in grace from will & grace. you know, the straight stick in a land of bent sticks, the hetero in a sea of homos. i think that she'd have a valid argument if i were 40 or if i were truly lonely or had been in this situation for years. but none of this situations apply and i don't think she has anything to worry about. i mean come on, in the end, grace met harry connick jr and had a baby, didn't she? it can't be all that bad. :)

it's new years eve. i'm still trying to decide if i'm going to bother with resolutions; i still think it would be more fun to tell other people what to fix. that's sort of more my gig anyway. that might result in more trouble than it's worth, so i might just make a list of things that i know i need to resolve but i'm not going to bother. that way you don't get your hopes up and i don't feel as though i've let anyone down. ya think?

i bought the cutest pair of shoes today. i heart new shoe day, not nearly as much as roberto, but i still heart new shoe day. and not to mention, new shoes for 20$. i freakin rock.

i was going to go drinking tonight. i decided against it. i'm not sure why. the misty party wagon (we haven't proceeded with our golf cart plans just yet, it's a little cold and i bet that thing has no traction in snow and it is snowing, or it was, i'm not sure if it still is currently) was headed out tonight and had big plans. instead, i'm in dsm, sleeping on bug gut's blue sofa, stealing his blue's clue's sweater and i listened to him swear at itunes all night. good times.

i'm going to go watch movies now. i'm tired. and my eyes hurt.

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