14 January 2007

i say bring it on. i'm ready for you.

again, i'm baffled by the amount of shit i possess. i don't know where it came from. i am a shit magnet. i must be. it's attracted to me. it follows me home and tucks itself in my closets without my knowledge because when it comes time to move i am always shocked at the amount of shit i have accumulated. so today i took more crap to the storage unit which is large enough to dwarf the stuff inside - it doesn't look like much but it is. so what's left to pack? my dishes, which are going into storage; my books, which are going to dbq; my clothes, which are going with me; and my furniture, of which some is going and some is staying.

ugh. have i mentioned i hate moving?

so in preparation of the giant winter storm headed this direction, i went to the supermarket. i bought milk (yay!) and bread and cheese! i'm so excited! i haven't been grocery shopping in weeks. i think the rest of my day will consist of napping with the kitties, watching the weather channel and maybe packing some boxes. i'm not sure. i also have some new movies to watch and i'd like to play some playstation later, but i don't want to wear myself out. :D

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simonsays said...

My mouth is not filthy, at least not here, on your comments page!