29 January 2007

we're only 61 days out boys and girlies

only 61 days until opening day. i don't care how - i am going to be at wrigley field on april 9 when the cubbies play their home opener against houston. i don't care if i have to become a vixen of the night, selling my self on street corners; i don't care if i have to harvest my eggs; i don't care if i have to sell a kidney; i don't care -- you get the point. i will be there. and quite possibly, i will find a way to be in cvg on april 2 for their first game. (gran massa champ, i'll stop calling you cartman and making references to your growing arse and world of warcraft if you'll help me out with this...) anyway. only 61 days. i can buy tickets on 23feb. oh yeah.

today was school. and do i feel learned. apparently my pompous prof and i read completely different chapters for this week's class - shit, we read completely different books. because i don't know where he got what he got out of the reading, but all i got was a serious nasty headache. so tonight i just followed along and highlighted what he outlined as the major points in the chapters because i seem to have missed every single one of them. ugh. i hate this class. i hate this man. at least my classmates seemed to have a lil' more personality this week. or maybe i was just awake this week. or maybe i was just concentrating on something other than getting drunk. it's hard to say.

work. i've thought about getting a job, which ought to count for something but unfortunately does not when it comes to paying rent and pacifying my mother and my roommate. so today i was doing what i usually do: watch sportscenter and eat apples until about noon when my current gm called to see why i hadn't submitted my paperwork for my leave of absence yet. and honestly, it's on my list of things to do, along with about a bajillion things that i eventually intend to do, such as alphabatize my sock drawer and attain world peace. so she asked me mail it in, along with my badges and my keys. and i said okay and hung up the phone and then i about cried because i don't want to send in my badge. i like my badge. i like my job. i love my job. i'm incredibly sad that i don't get to go to work anymore. so i logged on to jetnet and was just dicking around when i saw that cid has an opening for a ft agent - that's what i am. that's my job and it's only an hour away. so i called cid's gm and discussed this and he's going to call my gm and discuss this and she's going to think i've lost my fucking mind but honestly i've changed my mind and there is nothing for me here in dbq with eagle (right now, anyway) and i can't bear the thought of getting a 'real' job and i don't really feel like trying so i think this is a good decision. (that is the run-on sentence from hell.) we'll see what happens, i guess. i've heard good things about the gm in cid and the kid that i made a complete fool out of myself with at ramp training is no longer listed on their seniority list, so i'm prolly safe. :) i hope.

what else? oh. this was not nice. gran massa champ (who, if he does not assist me in getting to cvg on 02apr for reds/cubs action will be referred to as cartman) told me that i'm arrogant. do you think i'm arrogant? i don't think i'm arrogant. i'm stuck up, yes, and i tend to think that i'm better than most people at most things (even things that i have no experience in)... and i think that i have just defined arrogant. piss. when did this happen? can a person change? the sad thing is, i sort of like me, so i guess that means i sort of like me arrogant and a pain in the ass. fuck.

one thing that i find interesting is the receptionist part of my roomie duties. i didn't realize i signed up for this job but it's been bestowed upon me, like it or not. so when the occupant of the south side of the house decides to take a holiday and stops answering his phone, his significant other calls/texts/messages moi to see where he is. little does the significant other know is that i'm the last person that gran massa champ tells where he is because if it's something he wants to keep secret, i'm going to charge him for my silence. and yes, kids, i'm talking dollars. i figure if it's something icky/bad/whatever enough that someone shouldn't be told, i should be compensated for its' weight on my conscience as well. this has happened a couple times. don't get me wrong, i like significant other. i just think it creates an interesting situation for me. but no one really stops to consider that, do they...? but no worries. i just answer questions 'do you know where he is?' with responses like 'i have no idea... he left here yesterday dressed in feathers and pink high heels holding a sack of potatoes and a fistful of two dollar bills... i didn't think a thing of it until the cops called...' hehehe... :D

do you watch comedy central? yes? no? go to their website and search for demetri martin. that guy is a crack up. omg. 'if i ever saw an amputee being hanged... i'd just shout out letters..' oh my funny.

okay. more homework to do. blecch. what can i do instead of homework? i've already filed and paid bills and cleaned the litterbox and made a sandwich. i'm out of things to do. so i guess i'll do homework. ugh. again, why did i go back to school?

peas out.

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Clinton said...

60 days left! I've already got my tickets to opening day at Shea (Go Mets!) and I've already told my boss to go fuck himself in advance because there's no way in hell I'll not be there.

Oh and thanks for the link; will be returned in kind.