19 January 2007

your mom looked me up on myspace

today was... better. i had some time to myself, which actually was a good thing. i got shit done. i got shit unpacked and off the floor. and as soon as i get this asston boxes off the floor and out of the way, i'm going to feel a lot better. unfortunately, even though the asston of boxes in the house is nearly unpacked, there is another asston of boxes in the garage waiting to come in. but very little of it is mine, hehehe...

we returned the moving truck today to a man with a solid 15 inches. we all want 15 inches and he was quite proud of it. we went to the casino and i won 100$ and instead of taking it home and sticking it in my crawlspace i took it to petsmart and bought a fishtank. i know, wtf? i'm sort of thinking the same thing. so now i have two fat goldfish with head tumors named roger and adolf. roger is stupid and sleeps upside down and adolf has a cute little german moustache. (it may or may not smell like cabbage.) as soon as i can get them to sit still and pose for a picture, i'll get it posted. :)

tomorrow i have to go to job #2 and work. and then i'm driving home. we're in some sort of winter weather advisory and i'd rather be home than away. that's going to upset the family because we're supposed to be having a dinner for gram on sunday as she's having surgery on monday, she has clogged arteries in her legs. the surgery should be okay; it's the anesthesia that has everyone worried.

actually, job #2 is pretty much job #1 now. i got my educational leave of absence from eagle; i'm just waiting for the paperwork to be processed. that means that i have up to four years on leave and i get to retain my seniority. i'm happy about it. i love my job with eagle and if i want/need i can go back. that's a nice feeling. but anyway, as i said job #2 is pretty much my single source of income right now, at least until i get my school money next week. and then i'm going to ration myself for awhile until i figure out what i want to do. i don't really know what i want to do. maybe i'll go work at blockbuster. it's good to have goals.

we plugged in the tv today. the cable is hooked up. i can finally watch the weather channel and csi again. i'm feeling whole. i'm feeling like me. i feel better. i feel good.

and with that, i'm going to bed.


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