26 January 2007

i wonder if you know what you're in for?

the sun is actually shining here today. i was beginning to think that never happened here. i wonder if i suffer from seasonal affective disorder? maybe i'm just a hypochondriac. maybe i should go tan. hmmm... so yesterday was a long day. drive, work, drive. i'm good at driving long distances and getting better every week. the drive is getting shorter - does that mean i'm getting used to it or i'm falling asleep in the middle of it? i'm not sure. but it doesn't seem to take as long as it used to. i could have stayed in the dutch village but i just didn't want to. i ate dinner with nigel and snackmaster bob and the chil'ens. they're adorable and funny and sweet but they're the absolute best form of birth control ever. nigel's little boy looks like a short little eminem but acts like the rain man, for reasons unknown he'll just yell out numbers, like 19. ha. no kids for me, not anytime soon. so today i'm going to go to the bank and do some homework and soak up some sunshine and maybe wash my car and get rid of all the fast food bags inside and go to the supermarket because i'm out of milk and i'm hungry for cheese. those are my big plans. i know - pretty exciting. i rock.

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