09 December 2008

sorry i ruined your black panther party...

(it's true, i know every line to the movie "forrest gump" like the back of my hand. i'm not going to tell you why.)

let me begin by telling you this: christmas parties are overrated. i tend to think that most get-togethers are overrated - it's just the nature of the beast. i'd much rather sit at home and completely veg out than sit in a crowd of people i don't know and watch them get obnoxiously drunk and rowdy. and this doesn't have anything to do with the fact that i'm preggo although it may be triggered by the fact that i'm reaching the neighborhood of being in my 30s (i'm still at least 14 blocks away, so don't go calling me "old" just yet).

but even when i was in the midst of a small-town bar scene i used to be pretty familiar with - even then i thought it was boring. it's the same people doing the same thing every weekend - in and out, no variation on a solid theme. and now, it's different people doing the same thing and i'm bored as hell. and so most social shindigs are of no interest to me. i'm kind of stuck up in that i have a particular group of people i like to spend time with and everyone else can go to hell... i don't need a lot of friends nor do i need a constant stream of people to entertain me.

and how does this relate to christmas parties? it was a company christmas party, for one, and two, it was for a company that i don't work for. so i got to be one of the (ignored) (in)significant others that stood around twirling the straw in my cherry coke while the employees stood around telling "remember when" stories. so i got to stand around in my outfit that wasn't good enough (but sorry honey, that sleaz-o black dress with the giant metal zippers up to there doesn't come in preggo size), with my attitude that was apparently not right (but apparently never is) and try to laugh at the right time so as not to seem rude.

good times.


but it was a good reminder of just how much i love my flannel pants, my dog, and the heat pad, especially when my back hurts from falling on the ice earlier today. 

graceful? no. snobby? yes. but ask me if i care.

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