06 January 2007

candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker

i knew i could defeat common sense if i tried hard enough. hehehehe... nigel and i are taking our hard-earned dollars and giving them to the first bartender we see. give me something to drink, and make it strong. and pretty. just like i like my men. strong and pretty. :D i think we're partying on the table tonight, not literally on the table (although we could if we wanted to, the table could hold us, the children, my next door neighbors, the kitties, angus young and hulk hogan, but i don't want to scratch the finish, at least not until it's out of my dining room) but we may go partying on the table funds. snackmaster bob said if that's the case i should have no problemos dropping my standards to get my necessary seven minutes of meaningless random sex (especially since my fortune cookie said i was going to have a meaningful overnight relationship - no joke). i said if we go drinking on table money you might not see me until wednesday.

time to go make myself cute. new jeans day! i heart new jeans day! ta ta, bitches. muah.

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