30 June 2006

i'm not cubicle trained. neither is my dog.

i'm working job #2. it sucks. now i remember why i hate working job #2. it's because it sucks.


however, a perk to job #2 is that i brought hercules. he's sleeping in the east ghetto. i think he peed on the floor. but if i don't acknowledge it, it didn't happen, and this is for two reasons: 1) it's not my floor, and 2) job #2 has cleaning people.


29 June 2006

i tend to over indulge, i know

it's new purse week. isn't this a lovely specimen? i have to admit, i also purchased the matching wallet. and, i got the new puppy a coach collar and lead, because i want him to feel loved and accepted in our uppity ass neighborhood. plus, if he's wearing coach, there's a good chance our dog-disliking neighbor across the way will take a liking to him. this will just look smashing on my arm, i do believe, and it won't look bad with my super cute red pea coat that i bought last winter, when the time comes, although we both know the chances of my wearing the same coat from season to season are slim to none. ahh well... anyway, i may end up selling the patchwork tote i have now, especially since i own the hard-to-find matching clutch wallet. i wonder what that's selling for on ebay. oh, it's rough being me. :) but i just adore this bag. it was just calling my name... "superjanel, superjanel, you know you want me... you know you want to spend your allowance and then some on me... come on superjanel..." what can i say? i lack self control. i just can't wait for it to get here...

i gave hercules a bath this morning. it was so cute. he looked like a tiny white rat. he's so small, just 2.8 pounds. that's only 1.27 kilograms. he's teeny! he smelled awful this morning, so it was into the sink he went. he didn't seem to mind it too much, but he wasn't a big fan of the blow dryer. i won't be trying that anytime soon. hehehehehe...

i don't have to go back to work until monday. that's crazy talk right there, sister. i'm getting bored. i do have to work at mccroskey's tomorrow and perhaps our favorite eye candy from down under will make an appearance. oh, what to wear? these decisions are tough, let me tell you. i do get to take the puppy, as he's just too small to leave home alone for so long, but next week is the real test. i picked up a ton of hours pre-puppy, like 12 hour days, and i don't know how puppy will survive. so sad. but i need the dollars to pay for my new purse and his new collar. teehee.

good night sweet girl

four easy words. hard to say. it would be nice to be needed.

28 June 2006

♥ new baby ♥

look at this cutie pie... his name is hercules faustus mason... today he is seven weeks and two days old...


so i didn't go to ogg. i'm taking the time to bond with my new puppy. and i have a lot to list on ebay. and dad doesn't feel well, i can hear it in his voice. he sounds really tired. but its kind of nice to be at home, with nowhere to be and nothing really pressing to do. i'm really good at doing nothing.

so last week, i loaned jorge money. i felt bad, i know the kid doesn't have any, but truth be told, i didn't really have the funds to be loaning myself. i'm better off than he is, don't get me wrong, and i don't think he'd ask me unless he really needed it, he's never asked before. it was weird. i think i'll consider it a long term investment, becuase i don't think i'll get it back unless he wins the lottery. and there's still several months before he can legally play the lottery.

oh, hercules. he's such a doll. kittnen doesn't think much of the puppy, although he finds the new puppy food refreshing. it's kind of funny to watch our massive kitty get chased by a tiny puppy. hercules was almost a murphy, and then almost a hans, and then i almost liked quimby. but hercules is quite fitting. too cute. about five years ago i knew a little girl with a bichon named webster, she called him webby, and she was awful to him, but she had the biggest crush on earache. i tried to initiate a trade, but her mom and earache had qualms about it. i guess the mom paid like 1500$ for the dog, and earache wasn't too keen on spending life with a teenybopper.

19 June 2006

i'm generally not much of a risk taker

generally. no, that's a lie. but that's not what i'm talking about. i have a serious fear of water. but i'm going snorkeling in a few days. i'm leaving for ogg on the 28th, and i want to go snorkeling. out in the middle of the water where the waves can't kick my ass and i won't get a nasty sand rash. maybe earache will be going with me. he's not sure. then i will lie on the beach. then i will come home. that's all.

i've got ambition, damn it

i don't have to work today until 1500. i think i may learn how to hand jive. it can't take that long, can it? i can even do it sitting down. i just took a six hour nap and now i'm not tired and i need something to do. i can't even list on ebay because earache's computer blew up on friday night. damn it!

15 June 2006


there's some good looking garage sales in the paper. i'm not even asleep yet and i can already tell i'm not going to want to get out of bed to go rummaging through other people's cast offs. that's pretty sad. i was supposed to go rummaging on saturday with a friend, but i don't know the status of that date and i'm not sure i want to be up at the ass crack of dawn two days in a row. it's tough being me, that's what you're thinking.

13 June 2006

my own 12-step program

i'm editing the layout of my blog today. i'm removing the link that says, who links to me? it's a narcissistic link, and frankly, my dear, i don't give a damn who links to me and who doesn't. [i have so always wanted to say that. i think it would have sounded better if i could have said it out loud, but hey, it's my story. back off.] i'm considering removing the link that tells me how many people visit my blog, but honestly, i find that interesting, even though most of those people are me. narcissism must be a 12-step program. removing the 'who links to me' button is very low on the list. when i start making my rounds and apologizing you'll know i'm making progress.

don't expect that anytime soon.

work. so at work, i bid** a 1330-1900 shift. it's a lovely shift, one that i'm destined to work for the rest of my natural born life, i'm convinced. and that's fine. whatever. it's 5.5 hours a day, 7.5 hours a day with the commute, completely workable. i like my job. well, apparantly part time is the new full time, because i was one of the lucky ones to get my shift extended. and not by like 30 minutes or an hour. no. we're talking three fucking hours. so my leisurely 5.5 hour day, 7.5 with the commute is now 8.5, 10.5 with my drive. WTF? but i smile and nod and carry on. and under my breath i swear and complain, and then i come here and vent. my last two paychecks have sucked major ass, like jlo ass, what with the mumps and nonrev fees and all, so its a timely change, but i still like to complain. i'm sure that's one of the 12 steps i'm going to have to conquer at some point.

**i say bid with a voice tone dripping with sarcasm because i am second from the bottom on the bid list and i just think it's cool beans that i get a fucking choice in the matter. hmmm...line 8 or relief, whatever will i do? i'm so overwhelmed with all these choices... and you must know in the next 7.5 seconds? bid? hahahahahahaha....

12 June 2006

look at the pretties

Picture 117

Picture 118

Picture 119

keep on truckin

today earache planted trees and shrubs around the outside of the house. it looks nice. we look domesticated. we look like the stepfords. it looks nice. as soon as the sun comes out i'll take some pictures. it was just too shitty to go outside today, at least for me. i stayed inside, in bed, until nearly 200 p.m. today. that was kind of nice. except the book that i read, the last of the templars, sucked my ass and yours too, and i'm upset about that. but i'm slowly recovering.

11 June 2006

somebody owes me like 17 hours...

...cuz i'm not going to get those back. i just finished the stupidist fucking book. and the pisser is that it took like three freaking weeks to read. it dragged and lollygagged and carried on and i persevered because i hate leaving books unfinished. ugh. what a fucking waste.

10 June 2006

no way jose

my best work friend (and good friend in general) is threatening to quit over work politics. i say NO! you can't do that. then what will i do? i'll waste away at the security checkpoint of boredom and corporate indecision and who will write me up for wearing light blue shoes and non-company issued navy blue pants? you can't do it! don't do it!

i like being me

i just decided this today. i think i'm awesome. i think i rock.

08 June 2006

l'ignoranza è bliss

everybody has secrets. even the most honest, dedicated person you think you know. it's a strange thing when you find that out. it's almost a relief, like you can really be you and they won't judge you. like you can tell them how fucked up you are and how fucked up you really are on the inside and they won't care. but then you wonder if they're fucking with you because you know they're able to do so. and you know they're thinking the same thing about you. and in the midst of this giant open, honest conversation, all your trust is put aside and you're left waiting for the other shoe to drop because you suddenly know this other person. and maybe you've lost a little respect for them and you wish you didn't know all you knew about them and it would be easier if things could go back to the way they were just four minutes ago before that whole conversation started. not possible. how's that saying go? better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt. hmmm...

get it together

i'm participating in a neighbor's rummage sale this weekend. i'd rather be going to rummage sales this weekend than holding one myself. i hate this. people picking through my shit, asking me if they can have my christmas presents and mementos for 50 cents less than what's marked on the blazing orange tag. fuck no bitch. if i'd wanted you to have that teapot for 2.50$ instead of 3.00$, i would have fucking marked it that way, now wouldn't i? but i just smile and say, deal and we just go our merry ways, me with 2.50$ in my pocket and she with my christmas teapot. it's hardly a bargain for me. somehow though, when i'm at a rummage sale, it's okay for me to make such an offer and not be offensive or condescending. but i'm just not into it this time around. i think my neighbor is looking forward to kicking my ass this year, as i kicked her ass last year. i think i found her one competitive bone - winning at garage sales, and that cracks me up. ahh well. i get to play with her daughter and that's neat fun.

i have been so bored the last few days, i don't know what my problem is. i've been going to bed at 10p.m. and waking at 6a.m., which is not like me, and while i realize this is a good thing, i'm not really enjoying it much. it's rather pissing me off. if i could sleep later, i could stay up later, but alas, there is no sleep for me and then there is no conan for me. maybe it's because i'm out of one of my meds. i just thought of that. i should go get it. that might help. hmmm... anyway. last night was like the best south park episodes of all time. it was the paris hilton whore off and then the baseball playoffs episode. i love the paris hilton whore off. earache had not seen that one before and didn't believe me when i told him it was bad. it's bad. the pineapple, the whole deal. baaaaad.

06 June 2006

it could be a bad day

6.6.6. i'm not necessarily buying into it, but a lot of crackheads might. and those crackheads might be on airplanes today. hopefully not. hopefully those assholes stay home and keep their luggage with them. i don't want to have to deal with them today, i'm not in the mood for crazies. i'm sorry sir, i don't really care that your bag was demolished or that it looks as though we tied it behind the plane and dragged it from dfw. please just fuck off, wanker. heh. now that's customer service.

wanker. i still love that word.

yesterday i worked at mcc, it was a painfully slow day. i used to enjoy those days, now they just hurt. misty came in to see me. that was good, i haven't acutally talked to her in a long time. talked to her in person, i should say. we had a wicked snowball fight on saturday, i'm still laughing about that. who's that girl?

05 June 2006

ask and ye shall receive... :-)

hehehehehe... nice. someone's looking out for me. the day i post that it's been a long ass time is the day my fortune changes. :) yay me!

04 June 2006

road to recovery...?

maybe? is it what i want? i don't know. he cried, i felt awful. it was not pretty at all. there's a reason dudes do not cry, they're just not fucking good at it. they shouldn't do it on a regular basis. chicks can pull it off with a certain grace, at least until the nose gets involved and snot starts pouring down your chin like water at the hoover dam (is this a god damn?). however, dudes and tears just do not mix and i'd be happy not to have to witness this phenomenon again any time soon. but it seems that we've found a similar path to follow for the time being, and that's kosher. i just hope it's paved and well traveled. i hate dirt roads.

vince vaughn is so fucking yummyso last night, we went to see the break up, which is kind of timely, considering that's where we were on thursday night. it's like i told rob this morning, it all sort of came to a head last thursday night. all that shit. all that had been stored up for so long. but back to the movie, and not even the point of the movie, but to vince vaughn. the man is arguably 76 to 79 inches tall, which i find incredibly attractive, since earache is a mere .5 inches taller than me barefoot. 76 inches. that would so rock my world. i dig tall guys and look at me. that's okay. the legend goes that those that are vertically challenged overcompensate in other areas of their life, and while some accomplish this by driving a corvette, i don't think this is earache's style. i can't vouch for this behavior though, at least not recently. (it's been for-fucking-ever.)