30 December 2010

The most wonderful time of the year...

...has come and gone and all that's left are a bunch of toys that defy organization and a big ass can of Lysol. The tree came down as soon as I was able to stand upright after the holiday; Santa left us a big ol' stomach virus in our stockings this year and in addition to zapping my holiday appetite (Wha?! For realz, that happened, folks.) it also zapped my holiday spirit. I couldn't get that thing down fast enough. Brodie was kind enough to help - on Christmas night I hear he finally attempted scaling the tree. I have no proof of this event; Nick and Zach were sleeping on the sofa, I was curled up in the fetal position on the bathroom floor after heaving my guts and then some and Brodie was left to his own maniacal devices with the tree. Nick said he woke up to find it sort of leaning on the sofa with our monkey of a son covered in glitter and candy canes on the floor. I would have liked to have had photographic evidence of this but alas, there is none.

Bummer, dude.

Our holidays (pre-stomach virus) were great - food, family, gifts and fun. I love that time of year and usually I'm the one wanting to keep the decorations and the spirit going into early summer. But not this time. The tree was looking sad and taking up space in the living room. Valuable space we need for toys. I am seriously going to have to find some sort of toy organization system. Because the giant bucket things we have going at present are just not cutting it. Suggestions? Anyone? Anyone?


It's New Year's Eve Eve. Yesterday was Nick's birthday, he's officially entered his mid- to upper-20s - he's 26. He likes to tell me (almost daily) that he'll never be as old as I am. But at least for the next few months I don't feel like quite the cradle robber; our age gap is just four years instead of five.

I'm working on my New Year's resolutions. Last year I tried to set resolutions for everyone else to avoid disappointment in myself when they fell to the wayside by the beginning of February. That just resulted in a lot of arguing and yelling and disappointment in others so I'm back to the old standby.

Post to come later. (Hopefully before spring.)