14 April 2017

Don't call it a comeback

Hi, I'm Janelle, and this is my blog. This blog used to be my baby. This used to be where I'd come to dump, rant, complain, wonder and wander. Now, it's been dormant and quiet and completely unrelatable to me in my current life. It's an odd thing, when you seemingly outgrow your outlet. It actually feels pretty lonely. I don't know who read this on a regular basis - maybe no one. But I was here pretty often. This was where I came to process and put it all out there. I found the hilarity in my everyday, even when there was little that was actually funny, and I didn't really care if you found it funny or not. (Sorry.)

And then, life. So much life. So much change. So much busy.

And it's not like things don't happen anymore. There is plenty of funny shit in my life. Or stuff that needs processed or discussed or cussed or dumped. Trust me, I have not lost my ability to rant or complain or wander. It's not a lack of time, although that could be a valid excuse. I guess I've just lost my voice. I fell off the proverbial bike and I'm afraid to get back on. And how stupid is that? Because this was never for you, it's for me.

So yeah. I'm still here. Still awesome. Just ... wondering.