21 January 2007

this monkey's gone to heaven

snow. snow. snow. ugh. where was this crap during the holidays? what i wouldn't give for 50 degrees and sunshine right now cuz i'm freezing my (conclave) ass off and i'm none too happy about it. grrr...

so. yesterday. i drove four hours; worked six and a half hours and then drove four more hours. i stopped in pizzella on my way home to get my mail and that box that i left in my old apartment so i could put it in my cute little red door storage unit, right? wrong. lo and behold, my landlords changed the lock and stole my mail. i think they're holding it hostage for dollars. too bad, so sad, get in line suckas. my dad was like, 'you be sure and tell them that it's a federal offense to hold someone else's mail and that you'll press charges and blah blah blah...' that's a completely appropriate father response, at least it is from my father. he wants to sue everyone. i kid you not. litigation is the end all, be all, answer to everything for him. and he's prolly right. but i don't think that's the answer. yet. so i'll be on the phone with the dutch village in the morning making arrangements and stuff. yes, i know, i owe them money. but come on - isn't changing the locks just a little bit dramatic at this point? it's not like i vandalized the place and threw live animals off the balcony all rock-star-ish, right?

so i got home last night and there was water on the floor in front of roger and adolf's new home. at first i thought they had perhaps sprung a leak. upon further inspection i see that the kitties are just highly interested in the fishies, and not in a 'hi-let's-chat-and-get-to-know-each-other' kind of way. it's more of a 'you-look-like-lunch-get-in-my-belly' kind of conversation they seem to be having. it would be comical if they weren't my fish and i weren't already emotionally attached to them. would you like to see them? they're cute.

here fishy, fishy...that's roger on the top and adolf on the bottom. they don't stay still for very long so it's sort of hard to get a picture of them. i think if they're still for too long it's sort of a bad thing.

but anyway. i'm going to finish this football game and then maybe go look for some pans and stuff. i hate unpacking other people's shit but i'm the only one home and i'm making ziti tonight. yum. i heart ziti.

peas out.

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