22 August 2006

help me tom cruise! help me oprah winfrey!

package not included

all those poor dudes, buying strategically ripped low cut man jeans from hollister, thinking that it's going to make their package look bigger, when in fact they just have very well endowed mannequins. that leaves like a whole generation with crushed egos. and i have to be the one to break it to them... it's hard being me, you have no idea.

somebody thought it would be funny to strip down all the plastic people in front of hollister last night at the mall. this just cracked me up. mothers were covering the eyes of small children. teenyboppers were staring and pointing. and then there's me with my stupid camera phone. it was just too funny to pass up. hehehehehe...

i heart my cell phone. i do. but the opportunity has come up for me to exchange my phone for pink. or blue. or black. or silver. or, i can have the slvr as opposed to the razr. i'm just so confused. but i asked when my contract expired so that i won't get zinged with a terminiation fee and they're like, um, actually, it expired yesterday. and i was all, nice. and they can transfer all my data, but not my ringtones. and that makes me sad. and unhappy. :( so i may get a new phone sometime soon. that would take care of that urge i've been having to spend an absurd amount of money.

last night roberto and i went to see talladega nights. i know. i'm a little behind everyone else. everyone else was going to see some muthafuckin' snakes on a muthafuckin' plane. i just couldn't bring myself to spend 8.25$ to hear that line when really, i think that's the whole movie right there. however, ricky bobby cracked me up. professor dickhead. dr. quinn and medicine woman. i piss excellence. omg. i was in tears almost the entire time. and jamal at the theatre makes a mean iced caramel macchiatto, in case you're interested. yum.

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