14 January 2007

historically, this should be an all-nighter

this is school-eve-eve. when i was still in school, and even up into high school, i would stay up all night on school-eve-eve because on school-eve i would be so freakin nervous i wouldn't be able to sleep at all. but staying up all night on school-eve-eve meant that i would not only sleep all night school-eve but i'd generally oversleep on the first day of school and even yawn all day. in high school libbeth and i used to stay up all night and listen to her mom swear and threaten bodily harm. she once made us get up and wax her car in the middle of the night in an effort to shut us up. she was weird. anyway. i was a really uptight child, very nervous, very anxious. i used to cry if i thought i was awake too late because i didn't think i could get through the next day being tired and i was always afraid that i was the only person in the world that was still awake. i used to cry all the time. wtf? i still cry a lot. but now i don't care if i don't get any sleep at night. i just take a pill. and if that doesn't work, i'll just take another. :D but the point of this is that it's school-eve-eve. meaning that tomorrow night is school-eve and that they day after that is school. yikes.

i'm really good at school. but i'm really bad at going to school. attendance in anything has never been my strong point, you know? this is going to sound conceited but i don't really care because this is my fucking blog, but i haven't ever cared about attendance because i know i can pass, score very well, bullshit my way through whatever better than the average person. doesn't that sound awful? yeah, i know. i don't care. you don't like it, don't read it. i don't think i'm better than everyone else, i know i'm better than everyone else. riiight... anyway, i was discussing attendance because that's really my only weakness. i have really good intentions, like i'll get up one day and plan on going somewhere and then i'll get all distracted by whatever (perkins, the today show, messenger, whatever) and not make it anywhere. or i'll make it where ever i'm going but i'll be way late. i'm not a very timely person. but the people that know me are aware of this and love me in spite of it.

i didn't do a single thing this afternoon. it was awesome. i think i napped, because i started watching a movie and i looked up and it wasn't on anymore. i surfed online for awhile and updated my blog and flickr and my myspace. i played with the kitties and drank milk (which really does taste better out of a glass bottle but what's with the 1.50$ deposit?) and ate bread and watched the snow come down. it's snowing a lot. there's some ice down there too. awesome. i went to the little storage unit today and about fell on my head when i got out of the car. i was going to make brownies but that didn't go far because i packed all my pans. so i ate some brownie mix and got a little sick and threw 94 percent of it away. ick. napoleon dynamite was on comedy central and then some semi-cute comedian and then a couple hours of south park... i am so bored but i just can't bring myself to pack right now.

but the next week will be busy:
mondizzay: send that big ass box to ft dodge. pack kitchen stuff. take to storage unit. pack dresser. take to storage unit. go to the big city. make a bank deposit.
tuesdizzay: assemble a crew of saintly family members/friends to assist in packing/moving on wednesdizzay. pack up uugof with clothes and shoes and shit and drive to dbq to my house which i cannot find. pay landlord a deposit which i hope does not bounce. get a key. unpack clothes and shoes and shit. go to school. drive home.
wednesdizzay: get up early. complain about how tired i am. pack heavy things in a truck of make/model yet to be determined. load uugof with kitties and breakables. lead the convoy to dbq. unpack. put sheets on bed. crash.
thursdizzay: [still asleep]
fridizzay: wake up. drink some milk. feed the kitties. take a shower. get a job. homework.
saturdizzay: do i have to work this dizzay? i'm not sure.
sundizzay: family dinner?

ugh. that makes me tired just thinking about it. i'm going to think about going to bed now. g'nite.

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