30 August 2007

i wish i could move like michael jackson

i am in love with this song...

27 August 2007

it must have been the shoes

because those red shoes are freaking adorable baby.

i gots the job. i mean, the hob.

are we still talking with a soft "j"?

aw, fuck it. i gots me a job or a hob or un trabajo or wtf ever. i'm employed, as of 10 sept! woohoo!

25 August 2007

but our shenanigans are cheeky and fun!

i just spent the better part of 17 minutes trying to log in to blogger to write this post.

the average person would not spend seven minutes, let alone 17 minutes, trying to log in to any site, but the superjanel is nothing if not tenacious and today is no exception.

and today i am tenacious and today i am bored, because i am still lying in bed and it's nearly 1300 and i'm still in my pj's and i have nothing to do today and i am celebrating that fact - woohoo! - by writing this post, but that almost didn't happen because on the 18th minute of attempting to login i was going to give up and go start drinking because it is saturday, better known as heavy drinking day, but i just ate breakfast not that long ago and i'm not sure how well tequila sunrises sit on top of life cereal and skim milk.

reading that sentence makes me tired. i'd go back to bed, i'm so exhausted, but t-bone is vacuuming and there's no sleeping through that mack truck of a vacuum. holy crap.

my god, it's hard being me...

so. when was the last time i wrote? it's been like four or five days. i don't know what my major malfunction is, private pyle. i used to write like seven posts a day; i'll be lucky if i hit 15 posts this month.

so i had a job interview this week; on monday. and i rocked that shit. i'm not going to lie to you, i get all nerved up about that kind of stuff and then when i get in there i am a freaking rock star. because if there is anything that the janel is good at it's 1) bullshitting and 2) talking about the janel. don't get me wrong, i didn't completely pull the interview out of my ass; in fact, this was one of the best interviews i've had in a long time because for once, i'm completely qualified for this job and, here's the shocker, i'm interested in it. i want this job. i think i'd be good at it. are we talking long term, career potential? eh, who knows. i don't like to think long term about anything - jobs, relationships, leases, car loans, movie rentals, blah, blah, blah... but i do think i'd be good at this. so this interview went well enough that i've been invited back for round two on monday. which has me completely stressing out because i don't think i have anything to wear! ugh... i'm going to have to work on that.

look what i found this week: mr. potato head as opitmash prime. is that not the cutest thing ever? it was between him and the nintendo wii and my checkbook liked him a whole lot better so now he sits on the shelf next to darth tater and spidey spud. i loves me some mr. potato heads. i have all these potato head parts that came from disneyworld, not that i've ever been to disneyworld, but some friends went a couple of few years ago and brought back a load of parts for me. they're adorable. the parts, not the friends. well, the friends used to be cute but i didn't get them in the big "d", if you know what i mean. which is sad, because i really liked them. just like i didn't get the eye doctor or the dentist or the right to go to a sprint car race without feeling like a dirty pirate hooker. but whatevs. life goes on, right? right. anyway.

so i have a myspace account. i'm a self-proclaimed myspace addict. i comment (rarely), i update my page (frequently), i add bands and friends (sometimes) and post bulletins (way too often). but you know what pisses me off about myspace? religious people who try to push their religion off on me. don't post your "only three percent..." bulletins to try and goad me into feeling guilty about MY supposed lack of religion. just because you're feeling atrocious about your godless life doesn't mean that i'm feeling particularly bad about mine, be it godless or not. and this isn't really just a myspace issue - this is a whole life issue. people trying to push their religion on me, by way of intimidating bumper stickers or billboards or personalities - i really don't think that was the way it was meant to be done, you know? so all you hymn-singing, bible-thumping, verse-reciting whack jobs can just settle the fuck down. my not posting a myspace bulletin does not effect the relationship i have with god. it's cool. simmer.

i saw a t-shirt that says "god loves me and my tattoos"- i want it.

it's a beautiful saturday, it's not raining, it's nearly two o' clock in the afternoon and i'm sort of still in bed. i know. but it's not like i have anything else to do today. i sort of want to wash my car. and i need to tend to the kittehs. my new fish is doing well, despite the fact that my mom thinks he looks like a drag queen. i don't know many queens named karl, but wtf.

i'm not sure what to do with my day. or my night. nigel wants to go drinking and i'm all for that; the king bee wants to come down and sleep in my bed because he's working seven days a week, 12-hour shifts. any time we spend together lately is really just him sleeping and me watching tv. whatever, that's fine. but can't we do that on a weeknight when there may be something decent on tv and there's not a dj at the canteena and my friends aren't out getting stupid and calling me at all hours of the night? then i don't have to listen to you ask who it is every time my phone rings, because that question gets really old and i get tired of that look on your face...


so lately i've noticed that a lot of people are driving around with these memorial-type stickers on their cars, celebrating the lives of people who have died tragically or too young or what have you. i think that's weird. like babies. i've seen vinyl for babies, "in loving memory of my angel baby, [insert name here]" - don't you think that's just bizarre? i mean yes, dead babies are sad, they are tragic, it's not their fault - but babies, alive or dead, have no idea what a car is and why on earth would anyone want a freaking sticker on the back of theirs for a dead baby? that's just weird. for teenagers, i guess makes a little more sense, if any of it makes sense, because teenagers like stickers and they like cars and they're in their cars all the damn time, that's fine. one of the weirdest ones i saw was for an old person, "in loving memory of my grandma, {name}, 1800-2007". okay - now we're pushing it. because i think that's like a cheap ass lame-o version of an "i love my grandma" tattoo, you know? it's like telling the world that you have no class and no money, so instead of memorializing your beloved grandma on your bicep, you're going to do it on the back window of your beater ford taurus - now isn't that grand? that's gonna make grandma proud, woohoo! people are so stupid.

a friend of mine is trying to get me a killer deal on a psp. because i don't have enough expensive electronic gadgets, yo. the psp, skins, usb, games, a case - all for one low, low price that i'm not posting here because my moms reads here and she already thinks i'm retarded. i'm not retawded; i'm just special. :)

if i get this hob i'm going to have to move. (stop dancing, parentals. stop it right now. you're scaring the kittehs.) i hate moving. moving hates me. my crap is scattered all over southeast iowa and while that's nobody's fault but my own i still find it highly irritating. gahhhh.

okay. i have got to go find something to do now.

hugs and kisses, superjanel OUT.

20 August 2007

i'll tell you who it was, it was that damned sasquatch.

ugh. i remember now why i was not disappointed by missing the state fair last year. because if you've gone once, you're good for at least a decade. seriously. if you go about once every ten or 12 or 26 years, you're covered. rarely is there anything new or exciting enough to merit an annual visit, and while the harry potter carved of butter was neat-o burrito it was not worth that much time, energy or sweat in uncomfortable places. and there was a lot of sweat in uncomfortable places and we even went on one of the "nice" days. so wtf?

yeah, i don't know.

so my last post makes me sound like 1) i condone lying in my relationships and 2) i am a liar myself. do let me clarify. i don't believe that either is otay; i just know that 1) it happens and 2) i've done it to keep the peace. i'm not proud of it, it's not the highlight of my relationship "career" but i highly doubt i'm the only one that's suffered a pacification process, you know? and as far as condoning lying from others - yeah, well, NO. it's right up there with all the other stupid things that people can do to me that i won't put up with (abuse, ignorance, driving a ford). no, i found the situation funny because he just kept digging the hole and he seemed so shocked by the whole thing. the look on his face was classic, it was great. that's what was funny. being lied to was not funny; that made me want to rip his head off and spit in his throat hole, that's how well i tolerate a liar. but since that would be messy and we were in public, i'll just make fun of him for it for a few more months and then continue to bring it up in petty arguments and such.

just kidding. sort of.

so i worked today. no seriously, i was at work and i did stuff. go me. and tomorrow i have a job interview. the job i haven't wanted to talk about for fear of jinxing it? yeah, that job. woot.

so my besty friend libbeth is preggers. woohoo! yay for babies that aren't mine and that are hers and ryan's because they are freaking adorable! i'm taking time off (from a job i don't have yet, i wonder how that works?) when the baby is born in april. not that i'll hold it or anything, i don't really like kids until they're about 6 months old and i can't do a lot of damage, but i'll hang out with casen and maddie and play wii and make faces at chloe because i miss those kids like there's no tomorrow. don't get me wrong, i miss libbeth and ryan, but the kids are awesome.

king bee bought me a goldfish on saturday. i named him karl, he kind of reminds me of karl marx. i keep wanting to yell at him that maybe if he'd told me there were delicious Triscuit crackers i could have enjoyed them too... but i think that's a different karl.

o'doyle rules.

i used up a favor for that?

back on like day three of this "relationship", king bee asked me to go to the iowa speedway with him for some indy car event. not having been before, i arranged to get the day off and accepted. the next morning, he calls - the weather was looking "iffy" and he wasn't sure if it was going to be held at all, so we didn't go.

i knew something was up that day; in fact, i said as much to him and to nigel that i knew i'd been ditched. whatever. i'd moved on.

so yesterday we're at lunch. over pizza he mentions how much he'd like to see the indy 500 someday. not really for the racing, but for the female drivers. he thinks he's being cute. you don't have to go to indy for that, i say, you could have seen that in newton, meaning back on day three, when we could have gone to the indy event.

i did, he says. and then he realizes what he's said. i mean, shawn sent me pictures from his phone because he was there, he's stammering, trying to dig himself out of the hole he has just tossed himself into headfirst.

and then he knows he's stuck. i turned the knob on the door, but he motherfucking roundhouse kicked that thing open chuck norris style and tore it into pencil size pieces. dude cracked me up; because we all know if you're going to lie and ditch someone you sure as hell don't slip up and talk about it. in fact, if you're going to lie at all, which i don't condone, but let's face it, it does happen from time to time - if you're going to lie, you keep that shit straight.

and now he knows that i forget very little.

i'm still laughing about this. it's funny shit.

dude thought he was in so much trouble he offered to buy me a wii. i wouldn't let him. then he offered to go half-sies with me on the wii and i still turned him down.

just cracks me up.

16 August 2007

iceberg right ahead

finally. rain. it's not a brazillion and 73 degrees outside today; it's only a brazillion and four. actually, any talk of the weather by the superjanel is pure speculation at this point, as she hasn't made it outside because appears to be raining. but it doesn't look as hot as it did yesterday, and that makes perfect sense, doesn't it?

so yesterday i saw this commercial for a special edition, 3-disc set of the movie titanic. woohoo. but the thing that cracked me up - beyond the flashback to a dark movie theatre full of sobbing women and snoring men - was the fact that they advertised an alternate ending. how can titanic have an alternate ending? we all know what happens - the fucking boat fucking sinks. alternate ending my ass; james cameron is trying to rewrite history by introducing an alternate ending universe and i say pshaw. don't fall for it - even in the alternate ending universe, the titanic still sinks, jack still dies and rose is a sobbing piece of crap. blah, blah, blah...

i ate lunch with my moms and my best grams and her husband yesterday afternoon. i always think that stuff like that is a good idea until we get mid-main event and then i find myself just praying to god that i don't end up like my grandma when i'm old. to the untrained eye, she's a harmless little (and i do mean little, she is freaking tiny!) lady, but wow, she is like mayor of guilt trip city. i'm terrified to get old, but my psychic says i'm going to live to be anywhere from 85 to 91 so i don't think i have any choice.

damn it.

i'm bored. what am i going to do today? i have to work at the whippity dippity tonight, six to close. let's examine that. drive 75 minutes, work 180 minutes, drive 75 minutes. i spend nearly as much time in the damn car as i do in the damn whippity dippity! but this isn't t-bone's fault; i took this shift from a gal at work because she took a few hours for me. but it still seems silly. i have a feeling that another employee is going to call in, ahem, "sick" this evening, so i know my help will be needed. and i'm working with roberto and that's always fun.

king bee was here last night. we watched the cubs lose a completely ridiculous game against the reds; we ate dinner at the local ling ling restaurant; we had a good time. guy makes me happy.

did i tell you that i had the opportunity to buy a nintendo wii last week? yup, i did. i went to the mider with nigel and the bobinator and there it was, this glowing light over the piddly little "electronics" department, if it can be called that. it was like the angels were singing on high and a heavenly light was shining right down on the box. i just stood there and held it, caressing the smooth cardboard until the picture started to wear off and nigel had to pull me away. it was so sad, leaving it there, it was calling my name, it wanted to go home with me. but the more i think about playing wii in my tiny little bedroom, the more i think it's prolly not a good idea. in fact, it's like a surefire way to injure myself and break a fishtank. and then i'd really be pissed. but i'd be pissed and the owner of a wii, so i'm sure those two things would balance each other out and life would go on and i'd still be in a wii-possessing-state-of-bliss. but, alas, i did not buy. nigel was able to pry the package from my hands and dragged me from the mider and talked some sense into me. i have to admit that i haven't been back for fear of writing a rubber check and running away to baja, me and my wii...

i'm applying to grad school at drake in dsm. i want my master's. simmer down, momma, i'm still getting a job (somewhere) and moving is still on my list of things to do. but i want to go back to school. just not in dbq. blecch.

i have got to find something to do today. days of our lives is on the telly and my brain is rotting out of my head. there's got to be something more educational. where's reading rainbow and levar burton when a bitch needs 'em? GOSH.

superjanel OUT.

15 August 2007

where'd you get the pink 50s grandma?

i never, ever want to get old. because, apparently, when you get old, its okay to completely contradict yourself just seconds after making a statement.

"but i never said..."

or maybe that's a reason to want to get old, i'm not sure.

14 August 2007

it sounded like a jail break

i woke up madder than crap this morning. it sounded like the kittehs were trying to break out of the bedroom by twisting the doorknob over and over. there's an old, rickety, noisy doorknob on the door of my room; and the kittehs couldn't get it open if they wanted to but they could make some noise if they tried. i yelled several times before i realised that it was not the kittehs, it was the massive equipment outside my window digging up the street below. sorry kittehs...

i'm bored today. a girl can only watch so much sportscenter before rotting of pococurantism. (ooh, new word...) i have no idea what i'm going to do today; but i've got to get out of this house or i'm going to injure someone.

king bee came down and hung out last night, for about 45 minutes before he zonked out. good to know i'm so entertaining. he spent that 45 minutes browsing houses his realtor sent him via email and cursing my computer, which is fine when i do it but i take offense when others swear at it. all these houses are either in melcher or in the hood of the greater dsm area, and i told him that i refuse to be seen with a melchercano or hang out in the hood due to the likelihood of bodily harm.

wow, i'm crappy today. wtf? i'm going to go find something to do.

whoops :(

wow, i am such a heel. i forget a lot of things on a regular basis, i often wonder if i don't have one of those obsessive compulsive disorders going on when i'm trying to leave the house and i wonder about 16 times if i shut my bedroom door. anyway. yesterday was my lil' cousin's third birthday and i completely forgot. how do you apologize to a three-year-old? it's not like i can call and offer some lame excuse to her on the phone.

actually, if there were ever a person to try to offer a lame excuse to, it may be a three-year-old. think about that... "lil' cousin, i'm so sorry i missed your birthday; i was, um, stuck in an elevator near the, um, 116th floor of a building in dsm, yeah, and i didn't know if i was going to make it..." to which she may respond, "I GOT BARNEY DVDS!" which would sort of take me off the hook...

wow, i suck. :(

13 August 2007

i can't be with you; i'm spiderman.

settle down, i'm fine. i'm still around, i'm still here. i'm doing swell, actually, and thanks for asking. i wonder if there is a correlation between being happy and not having anything to write about? because while things aren't perfect at the moment, i'm happy. things are good.

i was supposed to work at the whippity dippity last night; open to close. i felt a little weird all morning - my guts were in dismay, and not even the kind of dismay brought about by a night of drinking - and i got to work and started to open up, and i couldn't take the smell of anything. i was sick as a dog. so i got someone to cover for me and headed home. and today i am starving. there is nothing i won't eat today. well, maybe some things. like fish and peas. ooohky...

i've got a job prospect. one that i'm seriously interested in and kind of excited about. i don't want to talk about it too much for fear that i'll jinx it. it's a bit of a drive from my present location, but that will change with time. i don't want to rush into anything regarding a place to live - i want it to be a place i like, a place i want to be, a place that is *me* - you know? other people may have other ideas for me, though. it's interesting how history repeats itself. i guess the real test is how i respond, the choices i make, right?

kenickie and i are awesome. for two people that have nothing in common we get along amazingly well. we went to the front row challenge last week; i had a good time even though i couldn't tell you who won if my life depended on it. nigel and the bobinator didn't make it, so it was just me and kenickie and his cousin, along with aunties karen and sandy and the regular crew. i didn't get any chicken, which was moderately upsetting but i'm moving on, going forward. life is not always about chicken. kenickie wanted to go to the saturday night show, but it didn't work out and my heart wasn't exactly broken over it, you know?

i can't think of anything else to talk about at the moment. i gots some stuff to do.

peas out.
love, superjanel

04 August 2007

cross my heart, i'm not on drugs

my dreams are getting weirder and weirder. and i'm not [currently] on any hallucinogenics. last night i dreamt that my parents were angry with me because they were sleeping on an air mattress in the breezeway. i don't know what this had to do with me, necessarily, but there was definitely hostility in the air. i felt guilty when i woke up and i hadn't even done anything wrong.

i'm proud of my 101/1001. i think that will be fun to complete. i'm going to set up a running tabulation on my sidebar so i don't lose track of time or goals. by posting it on my blog, i've already completed one. woot!

i'm at job #2 today. worked at the whippity dippity yesterday for hours and hours on end, it seemed. all the people i enjoy working with are leaving for school, so it's going to be the basic crew come the end of the month. we were slow as crap last night; i let one employee go early (on a friday night - wtf?!) and we closed up shop basically right on the button. but it's fair week and nationals week and all sorts of fun stuff; just nothing too close to the whippity dippity.

i got the sweetest card in the mail yesterday from libbeth; i loved it. i love mail. well, good mail. mail like that from gmac kind of sucks my nut. i miss her and her little family and her doggies. they're so cute. the family is cute. well, the doggies are cute too.

have you ever noticed how much the burger king and the quaker oatmeal guy look alike? it's kind of scary. check this out...

scary isn't it? those dudes are brothers; they've gotta be.

omg. there's got to be something more productive i can do with my time.

02 August 2007

101 things in 1001 days

have you heard of this before? (read about the details and rules here; i've very little patience for rules and details, you know me...) i've seen it around a bit, and i've been working on a list of 101 goals to accomplish in 1,001 days. it's harder than it looks; i've been working on this for a bit now.

1,001 days from tomorrow, friday, 03 august 2007, is friday, 30 april 2010.

ready or not, here are the janel's 101 goals...

  1. [life changes] move out of mom's house. completed 10nov07
  2. consolidate crap down to one storage unit. no storage unit at all would be even better.
  3. completed 10nov07
  4. file bankruptcy. completed 18dec07
  5. get a job. completed 27aug07
  6. then get a job that i like and want and quit that crappy job. also completed 27aug07, as of 10nov07 i've decided i really like my job
  7. overcome my fear of large bodies of water by spending time in a lake, in an ocean or on a boat at least five times [3/5 completed]
  8. tell someone i love them and mean it. completed 03sept07
  9. discuss catholic conversion with a priest.
  10. pay my tickets/fines/tags. completed 17aug07
  11. get my license back. completed 04oct07
  12. [health and beauty] use up all the expensive beauty products i currently have and then replace them with less expensive and more green products. completed 21oct07
  13. transition to a fresh food only diet.
  14. lose 30 pounds.
  15. finish my tattoo series.
  16. treat myself to a pedicure four times. [1/4 times]
  17. find out if i'm a candidate for laser eye surgery.
  18. take a yoga class. and take it seriously.
  19. run a 5k - and finish.
  20. stop drinking soda.
  21. stop chewing my bottom lip.
  22. stop chewing my fingernails.
  23. whiten my teeth.
  24. [money] begin to repair my credit.
  25. begin paying on my student loans on a monthly basis.
  26. stop bouncing checks.
  27. open a savings account and keep dollars in there.
  28. get a safe deposit box.
  29. trade in my car for something more green. this sort of happened when i got rid of the uugof this spring. close enough.
  30. set a monthly budget. stick to it at least four times. [4/4 completed] that's as done as it's ever going to get!
  31. give $20 to a homeless person or a stranger in need. completed october 2008
  32. clean out my closet - if it hasn't been worn in over one year, donate it or sell it on ebay. completed august 2008
  33. [friends/family] get to know my friends' kids by spending time with them on a monthly basis or as much as i can.
  34. send personal christmas cards with handwritten notes to friends and family.
  35. remember birthdays and anniversaries by sending cards (not online) for an entire year.
  36. send someone i care about flowers for no special reason. completed 17oct07
  37. road trip with my brother(s). we flew but it still counts. completed october 9, 2008
  38. spend a weekend with my grandma. she's not going to be around forever.
  39. take the kittehs in for regular kitteh check ups. completed by my momma 21dec07
  40. take my mom to lunch on a regular basis.
  41. make amends with an ex-friend. completed feb 2008
  42. write five letters to elizabeth. [0/5 completed]
  43. [education/enrichment] immerse myself in kung fu movies. completed 30sep07
  44. read at least a book a week for a month. completed 20nov07
  45. attend a church service.
  46. join the library.
  47. completed dec 2007
  48. join a book club and participate.
  49. learn to kayak (in north carolina, preferably).
  50. learn to play the piano.
  51. do not go online for three consecutive days. completed 12oct07
  52. learn to speak spanish.
  53. learn to drive a stick shift.
  54. make an emergency winter kit for my car and don't eat the granola bars when i'm stuck in traffic.
  55. grow a plant from a seed and don't let the cats eat it.
  56. learn the names and locations of the major constellations in the summer. completed august 2008
  57. learn to whistle.
  58. catalog my books
  59. write a book. it doesn't have to be publishable or even good.
  60. sell a story.
  61. setup a saltwater fishtank.
  62. close my myspace account. (sort of) completed dec 2007
  63. close my facebook account. completed 05sept07
  64. learn to snorkel.
  65. read the bible.
  66. paint a painting.
  67. take the gre.
  68. register to vote. completed 04oct07 then vote. completed 14oct08
  69. support a political candidate in the 2008 election. GO OBAMA! completed september 2008
  70. become a "friend of" a museum or art gallery.
  71. [fun stuff] [insert your own innuendo here :)]
  72. see a midnight showing of rocky horror picture show.
  73. get my tongue pierced.
  74. try with every ounce of my being to be a contestant on the price is right or wheel of fortune.
  75. send a secret to postsecret.
  76. buy an outfit at a thrift store and wear it.
  77. buy a mac laptop when my dell bites the dust :(
  78. spend all day in bed when i'm not ill. completed summer 2008
  79. go camping. in a tent. completed september 2008
  80. hot lap a sprint car.
  81. attend baseball games at three basball stadiums that i've never been to before. [0/3 completed]
  82. be in a parade
  83. try a baltimore zoo.
  84. purchase 10 more swatch watches. [0/10 completed]
  85. attend two music festivals. [0/2 completed]
  86. host a party.
  87. sing karaoke. sober.
  88. own enough underwear that i don't have to do laundry for a month. completed 28dec07
  89. go bungee jumping.
  90. go skydiving.
  91. dress in costume for halloween.
  92. take a picture every day for a month and post them on my blog.
  93. have a garage sale. completed june 2008
  94. [travel] travel to greece.
  95. see the grand canyon.
  96. visit new orleans.
  97. vacation in banff.
  98. [volunteer] reapply for the peace corps after gaining volunteer experience.
  99. donate blood five times [0/5 times completed].
  100. volunteer at least five times, for at least one hour each [0/5 completed]
  101. [misc] make it to 2,000 blog entries.
  102. post this list on the internet and make it public knowledge.completed 02aug07
  103. in 1,001 days, write 101 new goals.
what do you think?

i ain't gonna work for no soul sucking jerk

day two of living in a license free zone and i've never had more bonehead ideas of things to do and places to go in my entire life. this is god's way of punishing me for driving too fast. god and the department of transportation; who knew they were in cahoots? i don't really want to go far, i just want things like pizza. and to make a bank deposit. and to go to walmart. stuff like that. last night i drove to king bee's house to watch cinematic adventures and my mom had me so freaked out i drove seven miles per hour the entire way home. seven. i could get pulled over for driving so far below the speed limit - and wouldn't that be a perfect ending to the lead-foot-janel-speed-racer story?

truth be told, as long as i'm not speeding, i'm not in serious fear of being pulled over. as long as i'm not texting and driving, i ought to be fine. something tells me that i knew how to avoid this entire fiasco in the first place. perhaps i do thrive on drama? me? never...

so today i'm sitting at home, doing absolutely NOTHING and most days this would just rock my socks except today i'm at home doing absolutely nothing because that's what the department of transportation will allow me to do and i'm watching television. in mass quantities. grease is on tv, and i love that movie. it's especially making me laugh because nigel calls the king bee kenickie, and that name is just funny anyway.

guess what i did yesterday? i applied for jobs. (you must say "hobs", remember? soft "j" this week.) i applied for "hobs" with giant conglomerate soul-sucking companies that want nothing more than warm bodies in cubicles doing drone work; remember that song by beck - "soul suckin jerk?" that's going to be me...

"i got a job making money for the man/throwing chicken in a bucket with a soda pop can/puke green uniform on my back/i had to set it on fire in a vat of chicken fat..."

but first i have to get a "hob" before i can throw down and set shit on fire, yo. so i'm working on it. but i do look cute in green...