31 January 2007

if this is a need-to-know basis, you need to know

100 fun facts for cocktail parties that pertain to the superjanel. have fun.
  1. my hair is naturally curly.
  2. my eyesight is getting worse as i age.
  3. i wear glasses. sometimes i wear contacts.
  4. i have really bad allergies. year round.
  5. i'm not a very good swimmer but i can float.
  6. i'm afraid to swim in the ocean.
  7. i dislike white socks and green jello.
  8. i rarely have the patience for the elderly.
  9. i haven't balanced my checkbook in months. i wouldn't know where to start.
  10. i love crude humor; even fart jokes.
  11. i have five tattoos.
  12. i have my sixth and seventh tattoos picked out.
  13. i'm not sure what i want to do with my education.
  14. i like being unemployed.
  15. i eat a lot of cheese.
  16. once, when i was 13, i broke a window with my foot. accidentally.
  17. once, when i was 14, i broke a bunch of windows with my fist. not an accident.
  18. i once fell off the hood of a moving car - this is a sport called escort surfing.
  19. i have two brothers; they're awesome.
  20. i have a half-sister. she has a lot of kids: six.
  21. i don't want kids.
  22. i have two cats.
  23. i have two fish.
  24. i rarely return phone calls and i hate voicemail.
  25. i think george stephanopoulos is adorable.
  26. i don't pay a lot of attention to politics even though i know i probably should.
  27. i love coloring books.
  28. csi: miami is one of the best shows ever.
  29. thanks to david caruso.
  30. i spent an ungodly amount of money on tempur-pedic pillows. they are so worth it.
  31. i collect swatch watches. when i travel my bag always gets inspected because it ticks really loudly.
  32. i still sleep with a teddy bear and my tickle bunnies.
  33. i'd rather have a few really good friends than a ton of people that i kinda know.
  34. when i drive by a patch of highway that is currently not adopted (you know the adopt a highway program), i feel bad for it. is it an undesirable stretch of road?
  35. i call my mom so she'll talk sense into me. she makes me laugh. she's awesome.
  36. i don't call my grandma often enough.
  37. i don't ever want to get married again. ever.
  38. i'm kind of a scatterbrain.
  39. and i'm sort of a slob.
  40. my iq is crazy high.
  41. but i act like it's not so people 1) won't expect much out of me and 2) won't guess that i'm paying as much attention as i do. this is so very useful.
  42. i took the act in the seventh grade. i probably scored higher than you.
  43. i haven't been to church in forever but i'm considering going back.
  44. i love books. i love the smell of books.
  45. i love the smell of office supplies. i love to breath deep in staples. ahhhh...
  46. i have many pairs of adidas. many.
  47. i love skateboarding shoes. i don't skateboard well - my last attempt ended badly and i was almost hit by a car.
  48. i've had more jobs than i am years old.
  49. my birthday is 07feb. i expect lavish gifts.
  50. when i was in the third grade, my mom braided my hair almost everyday.
  51. i could never work at cold stone creamery; i would weigh a ton.
  52. i have a set of mark twain novels published in 1906.
  53. i'm on my way to becoming an alcoholic. i don't get hangovers anymore.
  54. i love baseball.
  55. i love baseball players. especially pitchers.
  56. i love traveling. but i love coming home. no bed feels as good as your own.
  57. i sing all the time. i'm not a good singer and i don't care.
  58. i can play many instruments.
  59. i love marching band. i love watching marching bands.
  60. when i was 11, i got my foot caught in the spoke's of my brother's bike. it peeled off a whole lot of skin and it looked like the inside of a fish.
  61. my goldfish eat oranges.
  62. people like to talk to me. sometimes i don't listen.
  63. i get bored really easily.
  64. grey goose and cranberry is my drink of choice. but i'll try just about anything.
  65. i can't do cartwheels.
  66. i can suck my upper lip into my nose and hold it there for an extended period of time.
  67. i love movies. and buying dvds.
  68. i sunburn really easily. and then when it all peels off, i can tan.
  69. i like to make faces at children.
  70. i have a lead foot. i drive too fast. way too fast. it's genetic.
  71. i can be really nasty when i'm mad.
  72. if you're important to me, you have your own ringtone on my cell.
  73. and if you're not, i don't answer when you call.
  74. i worry about my future. but not for very long. or too often. just when i pay bills.
  75. i drive a grey buick rendezvous. his name is uugof. i have named all my vehicles: gary, lucy in the sky with diamonds, grandma betty crocker boo, goldie hawn solo, nermal, shavonda jackson, and uugof. (his mother was a volkswagon.) there was a blue buick in there somewhere; it was called the chickwagon.
  76. my stepfather is amazing. i like to tell people he's really my dad.
  77. my real dad's okay. you just have to know what you're getting into. and then you can't be disappointed.
  78. i have amazing friends. with really comfy sofas. :)
  79. i get migraine headaches. they're awful.
  80. i stress about my weight. but not too much or i wouldn't eat so much cheese.
  81. i make a mean ziti. it's the only thing i can make that doesn't come in a box.
  82. i love gangster movies: the godfather movies, goodfellas, casino.
  83. i have a tv that weighs as much as i do.
  84. i hate moving.
  85. i live in illinois. that's crazy.
  86. i've decided i don't like people from wisconsin. just because i can.
  87. i try to be very open minded but some things are very trying. so are some people.
  88. i have a degree, a b.s. in e-business. i don't know what that means or what to do with it.
  89. i am currently attending the university of dubuque. it's why i moved. or maybe i was just bored, i don't know.
  90. i have two bedrooms: a summer room and a winter room. i sleep in the winter room.
  91. i've had two cavities.
  92. sometimes when i'm nervous i chew my bottom lip.
  93. i love gangster rap. i really like all kinds of music.
  94. i can be sort of arrogant. it's an act. i'm really not, but it's my self defense mechanism.
  95. i will forever be in debt to the goverment for student loans.
  96. i'm not a very good driver.
  97. i hate having my picture taken.
  98. no cake tastes as good as wedding cake. wanna get married?
  99. i crack myself up. i am so freakin' funny.
  100. i like my hair.
i'm spent. g'nite. muah!

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