30 January 2007

i am NOT a goat, damn it

all my life i have been led to believe by various chinese restaurant placemats that my chinese astrological sign was monkey. i've led my life as a monkey. so tonight i'm all excited to read that i can get my free chinese horoscope (again, that word!). except i enter my birthdate and it comes up that i'm not a monkey but a goat. what the fuck? i am NOT a goat. i have never been a goat and at thirty minus three years and nine days, i will not become a goat now. bitches. so when i read my fortune i felt better - it had a typographical error in it. so there is no credibility to this. and i'm still a monkey. besides, are the chinese furbies so lazy that they can only write a horoscope once a week? what is that? that's dumb. it's not like they're that busy.

i still haven't done any homework. :)

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