22 January 2007

hiking is just walking where its okay to pee

are you depressed yet?
ugh. according to msn health, today is the most depressing day of the year. all the more reason to stay in bed where it's warm. it's not that cold in the house, it's just not as warm as my bed. i love my bed. it's big and comfy and soft and covered in blankets and pillows and it's just awesome. i had two really awesome pillows to go with my bed, but one is out on loan. for some reason, i don't think i'll ever see it again. i will collect on that someday.

i miss my job. i'm bored as hell with nothing to do and in a few weeks i'm going to be feeling the repercussions of this small "vacation" when i don't have any dollars to pay rent. (readers, feel free to fill the tip jar. i'll even hand make thank you cards with construction paper and markers.) i never thought i'd miss a job; that's so out of character for me. how bizaare. but true. i actually liked my job, i loved the people i worked with - all except a select few i guess.

i talked to mrs robinson last night. we're still planning a trip to cancun sometime soon. it needs to be sooner rather than later because i'm going to lose my flight benefits here pretty quick when my work paperwork gets all processed. that's one downfall to this leave thing that i'm on. the gran massa champ seems to think that i can just call sue and say 'i want to go to cun for a four day drunken fuck fest' and she'll just approve that. i tend to think otherwise. anyway. mrs robinson is in hpn for tdy and she's drinking up a storm and i'm jealous. it sounds like fun. she says all the pax are botoxed to the hilt and wearing fur and that makes me laugh. botoxed, fur wearing uppity women that look perpetually surprised flying eagle. nice. :D

today is best gram's surgery. i called and talked to her last night. she didn't want to talk about it, she wanted to talk about me instead. i think she was anxious about it but she never really said so. i know she just wants it to be over. the entire clan (and i do mean clan; i think there's like 10 or 12 people at the hospital) is in the waiting room right now. she goes in at noon. i'm going to call momma in a few minutos and check in. i'm nervous for her.

so me and nigel talked this morning. i was having an issue with ... life? she cracks me up. only a truly wonderful friend would offer to drive four hours with a roll of 'date' tape and a stack of pornos. i love her more than words can describe, she's the bestest. she wants to go drunken sledding this weekend. that could be fun. :)

okay. there has to be something more productive i can be doing.

peas out.

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