31 May 2007

life jackets for everyone

have you ever had one of those dreams that was so intense, so emotional that you had to force yourself to wake up? i did, this morning. and i slept in, until nearly 10 am, but i was still groggy and upset from this dream.

i dreamt i was with friends, all of which had kids, cute little kids - clean, well behaved, dressed in gap kids and baby gap from head to toe. kids that looked like magazine advertisement children. the type of children that don't really exist (except for the harpster). my friends and i were in a swampy, lagoon-ish looking area of the world that i've never visited personally. we were in a lodge of sorts, surrounded by lakes and rivers and moss and bridges. everywhere we traveled we went by boat, which is nice but kind of freaks me out.

for some god awful reason, boat operating duties were left to me. these are my friends, they should know better than this but i was left to operate watercraft with their children on board. i turned too fast - this was no boat built for speed or accuracy, this was basically a fucking pontoon boat, and it tipped over. one of those exaggerated, titantic-sinking type tips. elongated screams, children in the water, and pure terror. the boat righted itself and i was able to find all the children but one. i searched and searched but no children remained in the water, as far as i could tell. i was heartbroken.

i just can't shake those images.

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