09 May 2007

water? no thank you, fish make love in it.

you have chosen ... wisely.

i've been chosen. well, sort of. i'm interviewing for a position with a progressive lil' company that works nationwide to offer financial liability coverage to bad drivers such as moi...

(that didn't give it away at all, now did it?)

anyway. step two of their 126-step hiring process has been completed. and i among those chosen to complete step three: a phone interview next wednesday afternoon. finally - one i don't have to dress up for!

isn't that sad when the dress code is such a major point of contention for my "job hunt?"

oh well. the roommate asked what the job paid, and it was on my list of questions to ask, except that i got sidetracked staring at my interviewer's arms. he's no matt damon by any means; in fact i think he looks more like a sasquatch. he had the hairiest arms i think i've ever seen on a human being. (i'll tell you who took those lunches. it was that damn sasquatch!)

it was gross. and i think if i am offered the job he will be my supervisor. how do i let another person know that their hairiness gives me the heebie jeebies? hmmm...

oh yeah. IT'S NEW FISH DAY!

welcome, largemouth lilly lemonhead, to the tank of doom. isn't she cute?

i said yesterday that if that adorable little lemon oranda was still at petsmart i'd snap him up and bring him home. well, i did. except now that i see him, i think he is more of a she. and i have named her accordingly: largemouth lilly lemonhead. and she's not as little as i thought she was. in fact, she's way bigger than i thought she was. i didn't know buying fish was like buying furniture - everything looks really small until you bring it home. she's a big ass fish. she totally outweighs roger by at least two pounds. so my tank is now dominated by an alpha-female goldfish with an akc name. sorry roger.

talked to the roommate this afternoon regarding our living situation. he's having a bit of trouble - financially, personally, academically, professionally - i feel kind of sorry for him. it's the same place i was a month ago, only now i know what i have to do to make things work in my life and i'm attempting to make changes. he's under a lot of pressure from his folks to move home and stop being a leech but he said today he's going to try to make it work. so i guess for now we're staying put, although i don't imagine i'll be here forever. i'm not sold on the idea of living in dbq long term. but i am going to broaden my job search. unless my peace corps application is approved (you won't come see me dbq, how's about you come see me in south africa?!) i'm most likely going to have to find a "real" job.

nigel called this afternoon to let me know that our favorite aussie is coming back to town and should be arriving in about a month or so. fabulous. apparently we have a dinner date which is also fabulous. he's not bringing his entourage this summer, which is not fabulous. i got a kick out of miss brooksie and her using her eye socket to open beer bottles routine. (remember that foster's commercial where the chick opens the beer bottle with her teeth? keeper. i think of that every time i see brooksie do that!) everyone else (except for nigel, of course) found her to be a little uncouth and overly talkative. those are prolly the reasons we get along so well. it's okay though. me and miss brooksie, our tastes run a similar gamut and it gets just a little weird at the end of the season when we compare notes.

i don't think i have anything else to say right now. i'm off to read me some blogs.

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