15 May 2007

you want some of this milk, sideburns?

uneventful day. puttered with puter crap, cords and plugs, monitors and modems. where ever i go, i leave a trail of non-working computer equipment. it's so i can find my way back in case i ever get lost.

do you have any idea how weird it is to sleep in the same room you slept in as a teenager? granted, my school bus yellow wall is now north carolina tarheel blue, but it's still my room. the bed's facing a different direction, but it's still very much my room. it's an eerie feeling, especially when i think of all the different things that have happened in that room. holy crizzap. if walls could talk, well that'd be weird. but these walls would say "stop looking at me, swan!"

as long as we're on the long and winding road of things past, i've been speaking with a serious blast from the past. yup, we've talked before, in fact we've talked quite a bit but it's all been online. so he called the other day and left me a vm. i haven't heard that voice in over seven years - it was a little shocking. i may go to dinner, i may not. i believe he's looking for something more and i'm pretty sure i'm not down with that sickness.

no milk will ever be our milk.

speaking of milk. so my mom thinks my diet is a little wack. she says that no person should survive on various types of cheese and cocoa puffs exclusively. so tonight i ate some chicken. perhaps i'll just base my diet on foods and beverages that begin with the letter c: cheese, cocoa puffs, chicken, cola and cocktails.


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