13 May 2007

this is a job that doesn't pay well.

i've been watching the a&e show "airline" as i've packed this afternoon. it's just like being at work except there is no ticket stock nor any bag tags and i'm not in an airport and there are no suitcases. so really it's nothing like work except that i'm left with the same feeling that the general public is comprised of nothing but self-serving incompetent ass clowns that make me tired. and for that i feel as though i should be paid for this afternoon's work.
there are lots of these all over my house. except mine are brightly colored and uniformly sized,
because they were on sale at staples. yup. that's how i roll.

almost all of my packing is finished. i'm like 90 percent finished. well, probably 78 percent finished. i know i'm at least 64 percent finished and i'm damn proud of it.

sixty percent of the time it works every time.

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