23 May 2007

i'm not going to lie to you: this cone is unstable.

i think it takes an unstable person to admit that they make unstable ice cream cones. but don't tell roberto that...

i've had the best day today. i hung out with my mom all day long. we went to pella and watched roberto and jorge harass markus. we went to dsm and shopped (which if you know my mom, you know that this is a rare occasion and one that needs to be celebrated!); i got an adorable new purse and rockstar hot new sunglasses, which - and i'm not going to lie to you - i look absolutely freaking adorable in. we ate lunch and hit the casino where i lost every penny given to me and every penny i took in, which was not very many pennies - i'm too materialistic to gamble much. i like to bring home crap that i've spent money on, not just throw away my money. although if i had more money, it might be different. but i don't so it's not a concern. and then i bought the most adorable goldfish. his name is norman. photos to come soon; he's sort of a spaz. and then i spent the evening discussing the amish, coal, radio and drinking with a new friend. it was a good day.

i missed the coming of the josh to our humble place of employment today; although nigel took notes for me. she says his teeth are not that great, which is too bad. so the guy's got two strikes against him: bad teeth and he's from wisconsin. doesn't stand a chance. plus, she says he reminds her of reent, so i don't know if that's personality-wise or if he showed up in an awful hunter orange flopping fisherman hat.

and why the fuck do they make fishing hats in hunter orange? it's not like you're shooting the damn fish, although if that were going to happen, it would happen around here. how much of a sport can that be if you're armed with a shotgun in a boat and the fish are right there, underneath you? although, not all fish are as dumb as goldfish and i tend to forget that. i love my goldfish, but they're dumb. remember the movie "50 first dates"? the guy with the 10-second memory span, ten-second tom? that's like a goldfish. "swim, swim, swim, ooh a rock, it's pretty..." and then over and over again. you'd think that would be boring but my goldies look happy.

when they're not all dying and stuff. they don't look so happy when they're dead.

it was a day for random text messages. again, i received an oh-so-romantic proposition. it must be his day off. i love me some pizza, but i had to decline just in principle if nothing else. that's no way to ask me out, damn it! and i sent prolly the bitchiest text message to baxter ever. that boy has my panties wadded, that's for sure. and i'm not even sure why. ugh. but that's okay. i'm moving to vermont. my new friend from vermont is far more conversational and has a better sense of humor. SO THERE. :P (but i saw you checked on what i had to say about you, which makes me laugh.)

i'm working job #only tomorrow. i should go to bed. i'm kind of tired. i'm low on gas and you need a jacket...

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