13 May 2007

never betray the way you've always known it is...

i'm lying in bed. it's 0900 and i'm still in bed. i should be up and coherent; instead i'm still just lying here. i'm not sick. i'm not hungover. i'm just suffering from a lack of motivation this morning. that, and the fact that i'm out of milk kind of has me depressed. (doesn't take much to push me over the edge anymore...)

yesterday didn't go as planned. i had planned on packing all day yesterday and heading home today to spend mother's day with my mom and my gram. instead, yesterday i out getting boxes and planning the fish portion of the move (this is going to be messy) when my mom called to ask me to work at the ice cream store for the evening. quick drive to pella, make some ice cream, and head back, all in one day. the drive is nothing anymore; it's sad that now that i finally have it down to where i could make it in my sleep and i'm moving away.

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