04 May 2007

fact: bears eat beets.

bears, beets, battlestar galactica.

i'm in the dutch village of all that is holy, overpriced, misspelled and stuck in the back of the closet. i can feel my cheeks burning from the almighty dutch people judging me and my character. of course, that could just be my sunburn.

yesterday was a bust at the ice cream store. the weather is bananas (b-a-n-a-n-a-s!) but i did get my poffertjes so i feel that tulip time is not a complete and total loss, personally. plus, i found the other poffertje stand so i didn't pay the inflated prices over by the windmill. i so rock.

i stayed with roberto last night. his apartment is adorable! he's a funny guy. he belongs to a local gym and gets up at the crack of dawn to go work out. and he's noisy as crap. he keeps no food other than tuna and creatine and cheerios (which is sounding kind of good at the moment) and has more exercise equipment than furniture. i guess that's a guy thing. whatever. his couch is no longer seafoam green, it's orange, and it's really comfy to sleep on. which is good, because this week i am a transient.

night before last, i was at my mom's. last night i stayed in the dutch village. tonight i will stay with nigel after we celebrate quatro de mayo. yes, i'm celebrating quatro de mayo because on cinco de mayo i have to go to bed early because i have to be up early on seis de mayo to go to the damn aeropuerto in order to get to tampa.

so nigel and i are drinking margaritas and eating burritos a day early because that's how we roll. (you know you're jealous.)

i got a speeding ticket yesterday. a bad one. i actually got pulled over by a d.o.t. officer in one of the fancy blue cars - me and three other people. it sucked. the ticket i received is bad enough that i may lose my driver's license over it so i have placed some calls and i'm doing some research and covering all my bases. yeah, i'm a little nervous about it. but it's nobody's fault but my own.

okay. off to find interesting things to do.


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