17 May 2007

...i'll commit hare krishna!

i can't believe i forgot to tell you this.

so last night nigel and i are sitting at this table with the only other females in the room, because apparently that junior high segregation thing never really goes away, and i'm looking at the woman next to me and i know that i have seen her before.

and then it dawns on me.

i am sitting next to mama fratelli from the goonies.
mama fratelli does not like booty traps. or booby traps. and don't ask her for the spaghetti carbonara, circa 1981.
she does enjoy tongue and apparently "dancing with the stars" because she told me so last night.

i kid you not. she had the hair, the voice, the wrinkles - if i didn't know that the movie was made 22 years ago, i would swear i was sitting next to the actual mama fratelli. i so wanted to ask her how francis and jake were doing and if i could have a glass of water... but i didn't.

but i know where to find her. she owns a bar in st. mary's, west of indianola. and she's a big fan of american idol and gray's anatomy and dancing with the stars. i may just go there to have my picture taken with her. i wonder if she'll sign it mama fratelli...

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