04 May 2007

this was my mulligan.

i'm not even sure what that means but my mom says i just got mine.

my call to the county attorney paid off. he's dropping my ticket from crazy high license taking to just crazy high. i'll get to retain my license and my sanity. now i just have to work on slowing down. it's not like my car doesn't have cruise or anything, i just like being first.

OH. this was interesting. so last week the roommate decided he's taking off for new zealand at the end of the summer on their working holiday scheme program to bring skilled workers into the country. (what he's skilled in, i don't know - i prolly don't even want to know.) he's all, 'it's very exclusive and difficult to get approved - they only approve so many people per year.'

boys and girls, that sounds like a challenge to me. and i do love me a coup de grace of all dares, the sinister triple-dog-dare type challenge.

now, keep in mind that i have very little intention of actually following through on this. but i tossed my hat in the ring and filled out the application. in doing so, i am now fully aware that he had to have, um, smoothed over the rough edge that has become his recent history (cough, cough, character, cough). so about 16 hours later i got my confirmation of a work visa into new zealand and my welcome email that they can't wait to have me. sweet! (take that, roommate.) so if in a few months you can't find the superjanel and she's not returning phone calls, i'm prolly down under in the land of frodo.

i heard from baxter last night. boy was tripping all over himself, apologizing and sucking up and what not, which is nice to hear, on one level but i've kind of grown accustomed to it, which is sad to say. i advised that yes, i will continue to take his calls but i won't be making any for a time and that it is now up to him to prove that he does in fact want to persue this on a REAL level. we'll see. again, i'm not holding my breath. which is good. i look good in blue but not so good as blue.

and i think that's it. it's cold and rainy and all around crappy today. i'm off to the ice cream store and then to the garage. yay me.

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