11 May 2007

i just always wanted to open a door on spies in training.

i'm tired of packing. i'm tired of thinking about moving. i've done all the "responsible" things: turn in the keys to my post office box, rent a moving truck, remove my name from the utilities, shut off the cable/internet as of tuesday, and attempt to renew the tags on my car. i say attempted because the one day i decide to take care of things, their computer system is down (and not just in dbq, it was statewide!) and i got turned away. i wanted to ask the fat woman behind the desk if i could have a signed and notarized note saying that i at least attempted because if i get pulled over for expired tags it will be this weekend, that's just my luck. in addition to the "responsible" things i've done, i've also done some irresponsible things: gave the roommate back his 500$ when he tried to pay me rent, didn't call the landlord, blah, blah, blah.

let's focus on the responsible things, shall we?

but i'm tired of thinking about moving. and i'm tired of talking about moving. i say it's time for some good ol' janel nonsense.

one more thing about moving: since i'm all packed up, i may just head to maryland. they've raised the minimum wage for some people to 11.30$/hour. wtf? i know all sorts of people that don't make anywhere near that, yet make more than minimum wage in iowa. that's crazy talk, right there. so if you can't find me anytime soon, and you've foraged the land of frodo and still can't find me, check in maryland. (i'm saying maryland like wayne from wayne's world says "delaware.")

(i know, that's not the delaware clip, but that's almost funnier than the delaware clip. and thanks for pointing that out.)

i'm watching basketball. i'm not a huge basketball fan but there aren't any good baseball games on. i'm also not tired so i'm just looking for things to do. i almost want to go get boxes (somewhere, i don't know) and keep packing. then it would be done and i wouldn't have to worry about it anymore.

but i'm low on gas and you need a jacket. so i'll be staying home.

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