25 May 2007

recliners and recurring dreams.

wtf is wrong with me? i've been having this dream for a while now: i'm driving in the fog - a really thick, dense fog - and i can hardly see. the road is an old blacktop road, the edges are rotting away in the weather. and i'm speeding. crazy fast. i can't see 10 feet in front of me nor 10 feet behind me. and lined up on the side of the road are people in recliners. i mean, right on the edge of the road. so close i'm wincing because i think i may hit them.

i have no idea what that means.

today is our coworker's super secret tons of fun ice cream party in honor of her last day because it is a well known fact that ice cream = fun - death, to define the situation mathematically. depending on how you look at things, death is interchangeable with chuck norris. or was it prince? i'm not sure anymore... that whole x + y = z thing is confusing enough but make one of those variables equal to ice cream and i'm all confused.

so i'm off to the dutch village, the land of everything holy, overpriced, overrated, misspelled and stuck in the back of the closet. because i love me some dutch people. with any luck, i'll be rewarded for my hard work by getting to go out with nigel this evening in the raging metropolis 17 miles to my north. but snackmaster bob will prolly put the kebash on that, real quick like. he's sort of a fun hater sometimes.

superjanel OUT.

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