11 May 2007

shit for sale, shit for sale.

i'm beginning to wonder how feasible it would be to just sell my shit rather than move it again. i know of a couple of people who would much rather see that happen - those that are once again helping me move. really though - it'd be a smoking deal, i'll just sell you the whole kit and caboodle. what do ya think?

ugh. i'm pooped. i've packed all my books and my dvds, and all the little things in my rooms. i need to get to work on my clothes. i wonder where one buys some of those garment boxes? that would be ideal but i'm not going to spend 40$ on a box. the kittehs are stressed; they know what's going on. i'm not 100 percent sure how to move fish but i'm going to give it a shot.

baxter called this afternoon, right in the middle of me calling work and my mom calling me. i hate to say it but hearing from that boy makes me smile. i like him. i'm sure he just called to say hello, but i managed to dump the whole situation on him and he took it like a champ. what a guy. he said he could tell that something has been grating on me for a while now; i didn't realize i was that transparent. it's odd that someone you barely know actually knows you better than you think... or something like that.

i'm hungry. what's for dinner?


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