16 May 2007

no commercials, no mercy!

i'm short on time, so here are the updates:
  • in an apparent fit of randomness, i got propositioned via text message this afternoon. it made me laugh. that was probably not the response sought by the sender.
  • so far, crazy dog has not eaten my kittehs. my dad put a lock on the door, which is activated from the outside. i can see where this could lead, janel and the kittehs locked in our bedroom. additionally, they've placed their laundry basket outside the door to keep crazy dog from gnawing away the carpet. at first i thought they just wanted me to do the laundry.
  • i got the call from the peace corps. yup, i'm one step closer to living in a mud hut in the depths of africa, showing the locals how to send email and write resumes.
  • i'm still contemplating a dinner invitation. so far, i have not returned the phone call.
  • i broke my mom's computer and her australian clock and we're only on day three.

that about covers it for now. i'll write more in a little bit when i have more time.

love, superjanel

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