05 May 2007

things in moderation aren't so bad, i guess.

drinking with nigel is always an event, for one reason or another. but last night was going to be different. we were consuming in moderation, for one. and i had to go home with her and we were not having any slumber parties, for another. and it was still a good time.

in our quest to find living, breathing human people out and about and consuming alcoholic beverages, we found ourselves in c-town. after dark. and driving a car with out-of-county plates. in the raging metropolis that is c-town, that's often reason enough to get your ass ran out of town and i'm technically from here. it doesn't matter. the big girls at the bar scared the holy crizzap out of me and out of nigel, and she's a reformed bad-ass-locker-shover-inner. one drink and we were out the door. but not before i saw a serious blast from the past, who just proved that in small towns like that one, things do not ever change.

ever. thank god i got away.

back to chariton and the canteena to celebate quatro de mayo. talked and talked and talked to my little brother's friend shady, who was convinced i'm only 19 and nearly had the bartender stop serving me because of it. watched a gnarly bar fight (that proudly i was NOT a part of) and then watched the ensuing melee that goes along with someone getting their head cracked open. reent showed up wearing this god awful orange hat (kid never did have any sense of style and i swear back in school he wore that sweater every day.) turned down several offers for "a ride home" (because i'm no fool, i know what that means and kindly stop grabbing my ass, thank you) and instead took up position in the nigel party wagon. after dropping off our token underage college student and our designated driver (HA!) i went home, went to bed and called my boy baxter, who i'm sure is wishing he lived on the west coast as opposed to the east coast so maybe he'd get some sleep.

good times, good times.

today, i'm back at my momma's house. back to the dutch festivus for the rest of us and then margaritas and tacos to be had in honor of my not-mexican heritage.
off to the shower.
superjanel OUT.

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