08 May 2007

a bathroom epiphany

and not one of the 'i just read this amazing article in sports illustrated' variety either. nope. something dawned on me today while i was brushing my teeth.

i'm right handed and i hold my toothbrush with my right hand; my left hand is basically useless, like arms on a kangaroo or a tyrannosaurus rex or bob dole. no, it's not that bad, but it does have a mind of its own when trying to learn how to play piano.

anyway. i'm standing there, holding my toothbrush in my right hand and i turn on the water with my left hand and once again, just like every other day in my life, i turn on the HOT water. i hate, i despise, i abhor brushing my teeth with hot water but it's just so second nature i don't even notice when i do it.

and this morning i realized why. it's because i'm using my left hand and the faucet for the hot water is closer to my left hand. rather than do an awkward cross body backwards turn for cold water, my left hand just chooses the simpler task of using hot water.

well, i say no more. tomorrow i am going to throw out my back using cold water to brush my teeth. tomorrow i will leave the bathroom with clean teeth and a pulled muscle from the awkward cross body reach that will feel pretty darn unnatural.

it's good to have goals, right?

god, i need something real to write about. this is just freaking sad. :(

i'm leaving my mom's house today and heading back out into the real world where water bills and car payments are due. i'm a little sad but i do miss my kittehs. and my fish. and if that big yellow goldfish is still at petsmart, i am so bringing his little lemonhead home tonight.

and that's about it for now. i'm off to the ice cream store to work, of all things. you bitches best not be ordering ice cream cones. i am the superjanel and i only serve ice cream in dishes.
superjanel + ice cream cones = major disappointment for everyone involved. my ice cream cones make babies cry. and not in a good way.

superjanel OUT.

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