17 May 2007

let's go kill some birds. i'm psyched.

this post will be boring. i have nothing to say but i want to talk.

so today i talked to the peace corps. i need some vounteer experience in order to be "competitive." my recruiter said that other than that, my application looks good. she wants to schedule an interview, so i need to plan a trip to minneapolis in the next few weeks if i want to talk to her. if nothing else, it will be interesting. she gave me a list of assignments. one is improving my volunteer experience. another is rewriting an essay. the third is getting my references to complete their forms and get them turned in. i'm kind of excited about it. :)

i talked to several good friends today. it was good to get different outlooks and advice. i miss sue from roc. she gets me. she always knows when something is wrong; she's been calling for a while now and i've just been avoiding the conversation. and i talked to the texas ranger, she's going to try to help me out. and i talked to a good friend from work that i've missed. he's a sweetheart. he's moved! i didn't even know! he wants me to come to visit but we were both sad when i remembered that i don't work there anymore. which is too bad, because i've never been on a date in mexico.

i'm kind of tired right now. it's perfect sleeping weather. i'm going to go sleep now.

love, superjanel

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