07 May 2007

i'm speechless. i have no speech.

i have a headache today. i'm kind of ucky-feeling. i don't know if it has to do with the weather or the fact that i have had no caffiene for about two and a half days now. so i'm remedy-ing at least one of those conclusions by drinking a superhuge soda this morning. it's gonna be a good day. soda and fortune cookies for breakfast - i am so awesome.

yesterday i didn't do anything. i slept on nigel's sofa until nearly 1130, which was really nice. her sofa is wonderful for sleeping. saturday night was fun but uneventful. in honor of cinco de mayo i drank nothing but tequila and i learned the proper way to do a tequila shot and not get crazy sick. (thank you, pepper!) decent dj and a good crowd, talked baseball with some guy from ottumwa and then pawned him off on miss actually so he'd leave me alone. met nigel's dreamboat that she wants to set me up with but i'm not so impressed. plus i hear his credit is bad... and i think i have a date for later this month, i'm not sure about that.
all in all, not a bad night. just a little disappointing at the end when i fell asleep to the wizard of oz before the tornado struck kansas. because that's my favorite part of that movie - the black and white part, when everything in the tornado is spinning and dorothy sees that awful miss gulch and then she hits her head and toto is barking... i'm telling you, that's the best part. anyway. i was a little disappointed about that and about something else, but i'm sure i don't have to spell that out for you. at least some of you.
boys confound me. in the simplest sense, i just don't understand. but like i've said before, anything at this point is just a bonus, because i'm putting very little effort into this. no matter how much energy i'd really like to expend on this particular person.

sunday: it rained all day. all freakin' day. from the moment i woke up at 0630 to pee until i went to bed. and i'm not talking about wimpy drizzly shit. i'm talking serious storms, lightning and thunder and the whole nine yards. it was great. now i just wish it'd stop...
dinner with the fam. read a book. got caught up on the sopranos thanks to my momma's tivo. napped all day, was awake most of the night. weird dreams about moving into a fraternity-style coed house where your room was not a room but a cubicle with glass walls and you have to be voted in. wtf is that all about? it included many strange people that i've never met; do you think the strangers in your dreams are actually strangers in real life? are they people you're destined to meet and when you do you get that funny deja-vu i've-met-you-before-somewhere feeling? i get that feeling alot but i tend to remember faces and not names, so maybe that's it. who knows...
i'm off to "work" now. i'm sure i'll be back laters...

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