01 May 2007

neosporin is the answer to everything.

infected hangnail? neosporin. scrape on the elbow? neosporin. advanced calculus problem, solving for a, b, x and y? neosporin. big ass thing on your ... ass? (that's like the club for redundancy club!) neosporin. fell off your bike because you were picking a serious wedgie and got a scraped up leg in the process? yup. neosporin fixes that too. well, some of that.

i'm back. and i'm so sunburned i hurt.

so yes, i went camping. i'm not a big fan of camping but this wasn't exactly roughing it. the roommate's parents have a motorhome parked in wisconsin. nothing spectacular, especially the location (next to the river, which is nice, but 500 feet from two sets of train tracks and a major highway - hardly tranquil), but better than a tent and an outhouse.

i'm not sure why i was invited. i tend to think it was more for the ride up there than out of friendliness but that could just be bitterness towards the roommate talking right now. he knows i hate just about everything outdoorsy that doesn't involve baseballs but he still asked me to go. so i went.

and it was okay. other than the life jacket incident, nothing too out of the ordinary. because it's a motorhome and because they have nothing better to spend their time or money on, the roommate's parents have added life's little necessities, like directv and a telephone and highspeed internet. wtf? not that i'm complaining but i can't believe that is still called camping. anyway, last night i still got to watch espn and csi, so it was okay. today i laid out in the sunshine and broiled my stupid ass; i was kind of crabby after that. :(

i'm still crabby. who am i kidding?

i'm going home for the weekend for the giant festivus for the rest of us who are NOT dutch and who are proud of that fact. not sure if i'll be assisting at the ice cream store or helping at the dealership. and yes, my weekend is starting on wednesday, fools, you read that correctly. i'm not sure if i'll be accomodated in the dutch village or back home in c-town. i do have plans on saturday night and i am looking forward to that. :)

my blogging friend, the wannabe-texan that lives in oklahoma, had the nicest things to say about me and my hair. but disregard the part about telling me how great OU is. he must still be drunk... :)

i'm going to bed now. i have to be up early. ew...

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