18 May 2007

i've been patiently waiting, the indicator light is flashing on...

oh friday, sweet beer friday. i took nigel a large cup full of pickle juice and a sandwich that looked like a pound of cocaine, it was wrapped that well. it was a slow day at the ice cream store, what can i say? however, i did learn to make an ice cream cone that is presentable and sellable (is that a word?) so i can't say that the entire day was a loss.

is that the big dipper?

there are glow in the dark stars on my ceiling. one of the brothers put them there (two guesses) after i moved out. they also painted over my school bus yellow wall and made it north carolina tar heel blue (again, two guesses). but i like this room. it's comfy. not too comfy, like i want to stay home forever and pass out suckers at the bank, but comfy for now.

look out below!

i don't like beer, really. i mean, there are a few kinds i find tolerable but i girl them up with lemon or lime. although the other night i noticed quite a few supposedly manly men with fruit in their beer, so maybe that doesn't have the girly connotation it used to. so like i said, i took nigel this giant glass full of pickle juice (with a lone pickle inside, yum). this is because we don't drink beer - our favorite shot is a sam hill's whore: jack and pickle juice. and no place has pickle juice anymore because we've drank it all. and they're upset because their pickles are dry. so now we are forced to provide our own pickle juice. and since the ice cream store has the best pickles in the whole wide world and not too many uses for pickle juice - we are set.

tonight should be fun.

i think i may hear from baxter this weekend. i understand the boy is busy, but come on - weekends only? out of sight, out of mind, my boy. that's how i operate. don't expect me to come-a-runnin' on the weekends if you can't notice me during the week.

if i were blue and made of play-do and wore a fisherman's hat and had big googly eyes, this would look like me
sticking my tongue out at you, baxter.
but instead it kind of looks like a mushroom with a face.

and i think that's all i have to say. for now. i'm going to go drink some pickle juice and look for cute boys. toodles.

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