23 May 2007

we're going to have to go... ludicrous speed!

i had the most bizarre dreams last night. i dreamt that i was going on a trip with my brother and he was driving a red ford fiesta. he decided to leave early and was only giving me a few minutes to pack and dress before we left. i stopped to brush my teeth and found that they had black stripes on them that my toothbrush wouldn't remove. roberto was honking and honking in the driveway and i got out there to put my tiny bag in the back of the car and we remembered that we were taking golf clubs and we'd left them on the side of the road. we had to go back to get them. (obviously, we're not golfers.) and as we drove away the road behind us was being demolished but i couldn't say anything because i wasn't going to show anyone my teeth.

wtf does that mean?

and really, we're not golfers. not even like regular partakers of putt putt.

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