18 May 2007

i'm an ice cream slinging mamma jamma

yeah. so take that bitches.

today, i am going to the ice cream store and i'm not leaving until i can create an ice cream cone that is presentable.

it's going to be a long day, as i carry the recessive and rare 'ice cream cone failure' gene. my ice cream cones tip and teeter and have this ridiculous looking curly thing on the top because i am literally ice cream retarded when it comes to creating ice cream masterpieces. (i have the eating ice cream masterpieces part covered.) i'm not sure if genetics can be overcome but i'm going to try.

if nothing else, it gives me the opportunity to eat ice cream and red hots and cone dip, which by the way is my new favorite sundae.

and then i think nigel and i are going to go drink lots of beer and try to grab boys' butts.

who said i don't have goals?

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