01 February 2007


only six days until my birthday. not planning anything spectacular. i'm going to be 27. that's 30 minus three. ugh. it's on a wednesday. what a dumb day for a birthday. that's okay. i still love my birthday. 07feb. i expect gifts. or at least good birthday wishes. :)

i went to the laundromat today. that's an experience. i used to think that it was expensive - paying to wash and dry my clothes. but i've realised that i'm paying to use not just the facilities, i'm paying for the visceral experience of being at the laundromat with some of dbq's finest. there was a middle aged retarded man washing his scooby doo bed sheets and comforter. several college age people with lots of smelly clothes. business people on lunch. mothers with small children. a hawaiian couple in flip flops and shorts - it was 8 degrees today. many people talk to themselves as they do laundry; is laundry a lonely activity or does the laundromat just bring out the crazy in all of us? i'm not sure. i just wash and dry and fold and get the hell out of dodge without laughing too loud.

at the insistance of the gran massa champ, i watched amélie today. i think we all remember what happened the last time i took roomie up on a cinematic recommendation? right. anyway. amélie was quite enjoyable. it's a wonderful story and very well acted with an incredible soundtrack - and it leaves you feeling so incredibly happy, it's just bizaare. slowly, he's redeeming himself from the tragedy that was kill bill vol. two.

i know i said i wasn't going to do it. i'm still not sure why i did. i got my nose pierced. again. i know. i like it. i'm a sucker. i could have had a nice tattoo for what i've spent on putting holes in my nose. but this time i'll be more careful. i swear.

i have to be up early. dbq to pella to chariton. ugh. sleepytime for me.

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