17 December 2006

i am the walrus, goo goo g'joob

it's nice when other people cook for you. even if it's just macaroni and cheese. brent, for christmas i'm getting you regular pepper and pork n' beans. i still want you to act surprised.

i usually hate my mondays. my monday is everyone else's sunday, which means that they're all home doing neat things like eating chili and watching football and i'm working. that's one reason i hate my mondays. but they always come around too fast - some weeks i feel like i just had a monday and then it's monday again. it just sort of sucks. but today was a good day. i cleaned up a buttload of claims and did not incur a single code 39 in the process. yay me! i had raspberry poptarts for breakfast, which makes me happy, those are almost my favorite poptarts ever. the bull dyke wore antlers to work, which made me laugh all day. i got to talk to my best good work friend for a long time - that was nice. we don't talk as much as we used to. i made a new friend who swears he's not gay but i know he is.

how much asparagus is too much asparagus? does there ever come a point where one can hold too much of one vegetable? i'm just wondering, because beyond a grocery store, i've never seen so much aspragus in one place. all neatly wrapped in ziploc bags. i just can't fathom that much of one vegetable. i cuss, you cuss, we all cuss for asparagus!

i guess jorge got sick from dinner last night. food poisoning is rampant right now. you can't eat at taco bell because the lettuce will kill you. you can't eat at red robin because the [insert the food you ate here] will kill you. you can't eat at perkins because the chicken tender sandwich sans tomatoes will kill you. poor jorge. it's no fun to be sick. thank god it's hard to screw up pancakes.

i'm wondering if i should go anywhere on my upcoming vacation. i don't have any money, so that sort of limits my options to like, a 7 mile radius. so we can go to leighton! yessss.... i'm sort of being serious here. not about leighton but about the not really having the money to travel in january. but everyone has such fun travel plans um, planned. (i'm really showing my mastery of the english language, aren't i?) the texas ranger wants to go to palm springs and go spa-ing. hard roc sue wants to go to cancun and celebrate a number of different things. and sir brently wants to tie himself to a fence and watch airplanes land and take off in st. maarten. or at least tie me to a fence and watch 747s throw rocks at my head. it's prolly hard to duck when you're tied to a fence. the question that entire scenario leaves me with is, how does one tie himself to a fence? what if you go to this beach alone? if you manage to get yourself tied, how do you untie? do you have a random stranger tie you to the fence? what if this random stranger uses a supafly knot that you don't know how to untie? what if he speaks another language and when you say tie me to the fence he thinks you're asking if you can eat shrimp during lent? what keeps this random stranger from picking your pocket as you stand there? these are the things i wonder about.

well, this and asparagus.

okay, chil'ens. i'm tired. goo goo g'joob.

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