20 December 2006

what about brett fav...re?

even though i didn't leave the house today - seriously, i didn't even check the mail, didn't unlock the door - i actually got quite a bit done. so much, in fact, that i've grown a new tumor and my head is pounding. but i got my laundry done - yay for clean clothes! i vacuumed - yay for clean floors! i got my shipping done - yay for ebay dollars! i did my paperwook - yay for federal student loan forbearance! the only thing i didn't do was pay bills, but that will take about 14 seconds tomorrow morning. no worries.

so a friend of mine has put me in an interesting predicament. first off, said friend has introduced the significant other into my life and because the significant other is a great person, i like this person. as a friend, as the significant other of my friend, nothing more. but my friend has shared information pertaining to the relationship with the siginificant other, information that is explosive and hurtful. but because i am friend to the friend first and the significant other second, i will of course keep my mouth shut and my eyes closed. but i know it's not right. ohhh, how i long for the days when things weren't quite so complicated. you know, like first grade...?

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